2005 GEM e4 for sale

2005 GEM e4 for sale with 2000 miles.

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OK… Thanks for letting us know

Please dont leave us in suspense! Details, details, details

it has been in storage the past year the last time i checked the millage it was under 2200 i have two new tires that are to be installed and the batteries need a full charge the car has the storage box on the rear. it is a 2005 e4 and i am looking for offers i will try to get photos this weekend it is in atlanta ga

it is white and blue

I bid one dollar.

I up your bid @JarJarJava - 1.50

I’ll up the bid to $5 sight unseen.

Upload your pictures.

I’m not going to let this one get away… $10 AND one red paperclip.

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Give the guy a break. :slight_smile:
But seriously, list a high price. Someone may start with a 1/2 price offer and you can go from there.
In general, price is required in listing to prevent silliness!

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Batteries discharged for how long? Likely needs new ones and controller. Hows $1000

I’m looking for an E4 and live in GA. What’s the status on your vehicle offered for sale? Jay