Good/Bad - 2002 vs 2006 e4

Looking at selling my '02… found good deal on an '06… just seeing what you guys thought? Thanks!

Do it…IMO

Definitely go for the '06. All things being equal the 2006 is far better than a 2002. We purchased a new 2006 eS in July 2006. It has been great!!! We now own 3 GEMs and when anyone is interested in buying a GEM I ALWAYS strongly urge them to buy 2005 or newer. This is because by then Daimler Chrysler Corporation owned GEM long enough to have made a lot of changes that were far superior to the GEMs manufactured prior to 2005. Greatly improving the Electronics and Brakes, and the Controls and the dashboard indication.

My friend purchased a used 2004 and spent a lot of money upgrading the electronics and still wishes he had taken my advice to buy 2005 or newer.

As for this particular car you’re looking at, I would ask to drive it for about 15 miles. Seeing firsthand how it holds up charge-wise should give you a good indication of battery condition and the charging system. Granted the older the batteries the less range you’ll get. When they were new they ran for 30 miles on a full charge in the hilly terrain in my city. But with older batteries only 17 to 21 miles range. But that’s okay, I plug it in when I return from an errand and keep it charged.

I’ve only had to change my batteries once in my '06 eS. I have an '08 e2 that is still on it’s original batteries and I am amazed!

Update us on your outcome, please.


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I went ahead and pulled the trigger. It had GEL batteries less than 2 years old… I know it still depends on how the previous owner took care of them, but figured it was a start. I upgraded to a R4F motor, and new tires/rims. Tires will be here this week, and I am heading to the DMV tomorrow, so I should be able to see how things go after that.

Did you paint it yourself or professionally? If professionally, how much do body shop charge?