Gem Car battery issues

I have a 2002 Gem 4 seater and have been experiencing consistent battery issues. It has 31 marine deep cycle batteries in it. I tested the voltage of all six batteries and they all came out with a reading of 12.4~ volts each. I also filled all them up with distilled water. Left it charging for two nights only to turn it on and get a reading of 85%. Took it out for a couple hours of light weight use and went down to 32%. Could my batteries just be done and need to be replaced? Any insight would be great help. Thanks!

Sounds about right. 2hrs must be more than 15 miles?
Was it ever better than that?

Way less than that I’d say maybe 1-2 miles at slow speeds.

Wow it to you 2 hrs to go 1-2 miles. Were you pushing it :slight_smile:

LOL when you said you went out for 2 hrs that’s a long Gem car ride in my book. But when you clarified you only only went 1-2 miles. Yes sounds like you need new battery’s my friend.

Yea we use our gem car for promoing at the business I work for. So we drive really slow and take a lot of stops to hand out brochures. Which is exactly why it draining so quickly concerns me. I guess now I have to think about installing new batteries on my own maybe which I have never done before.

A least one off the battery is shot. If you want success, replace them all.

Thanks for the feedback