Gem Cart battery displacement

My Name is Bill and I have a 2002 Gem E825 with only 392 miles on it that I bought a couple of weeks ago. I have been using it for about 1 week and everything was working great. Yesterday it stated acting up with a battery problem, they started to discharge at an extremely fast rate. When it’s charged to 100% and I drive for just a few minutes I can watch the percentage drop to as low as 60% in about 10 minutes. What would cause this? It was working fine in the morning and then in the afternoon it started acting up! We checked for any lose wiring and the battery cables and everything was fine.

Thanks for the help!

Is it plugged into a dedicated circuit? In the newer GEMs this makes a difference. The screen charge will show 100%, but it really charged only 80%. So when you start driving it seems to lose it’s charge to quickly. I have installed a new monitoring system for the batteries called the BattSix system. It is great because it shows real time use and state of charge. It’s great because you know how much battery you have left. Barry

I would confirm that every battery in the car is good. Are the batteries more than 3 years old? Check the individuale voltages about 20 minutes after a charging cycle, but before driving the car. If they are flooded batteries be sure the acid level is correct. If not, add only distilled water, never tap water or new acid. Be sure there is zero corrosion on the cables or terminales. I used a spray on corrosion inhibitor on my terminales. Verify the charger is set to the correct charging profile. If even one battery is failing it will put a drain on the entire pack.

Thanks for the tip I will check into that after I work more on the 3 year old batteries.