US Battery quality issues

I know using lead acids is a little old fashioned, but we have used them in our home converted vehicle with good results for quite a while. Unfortunately, we have had problems with the latest set of 8v deep cycle batteries from U.S. The dealer we bought them from ordered units with much lighter duty terminals and assured us that they would be fine in our application. Needless to say the terminals started cracking within a month. The dealer went ahead and replaced the first battery (reluctantly)_ because it had been only a few weeks. Others continued to crack. I’ve repaired them myself because I don’t want to mix old batteries with new. I decided to get in touch with US directly through Email. I corresponded with a Mr. Don Wallace. All he could keep saying was I was “over-tightening” the terminals. I assured him that I knew how fragile these lightweight terminals were and was barely just snugging the nuts down. He went on to say how these were used in 95% of there batteries. The terminals on this set of batteries is a very lightweight top mount screw mount. They are way to fragile to be used in an electric car driving over 8000 miles a year, over all kinds of roads. the lead is so thin around the post it is unbelievable to say the least. I was hoping that US would take some responsibility since they were the manufacturer, But all they could do was cast the blame back on me for their poor design. Just want to warn any out there still using lead acids to be careful and make sure that you don’t get stuck with these kinds of terminals. Don’t let anyone tell you they will work in an over-road electric vehicle. If anyone is interested in more information please feel free to send me a pm I will fill you in with more details and how you can repair damaged terminals yourself