Lithium. Only for the electrical Guru’s?

Hi there. I’ve had my gem for around 3 years now and love it. The batteries I bought it with were on their way out. I bought a new set of FLA’s about 18 months ago and they are starting to go weak again. I started losing speed at about 65-70%. I get about 4-5 miles at full speed before I notice the drop. Get about 7 miles before getting to really low levels (50-55% or so). All batteries test out ok. I’m assuming they just get weaker over time.

Is lithium conversion only for the very well versed? I don’t mind spending some coin on the conversion but am VERY intimidated by it. I’ve read all the conversion threads in here and I feel like a grade school kid attempting mathematic algorithms. Which always send me back to normal batteries. :cry:

Is there a “conversion for electrical retards” out there? I can barely use a volt meter and battery tester correctly. The term “spoof” doesn’t even make sense to me.

Wanting lithium, but feel stuck.

Also. What’s the fire danger on lithium? My RC cars are charged in fireproof bags. Having a big “homemade” setup in my a garage scares me a bit.

I’m open to suggestions and input. Perhaps I should just go to gel batteries? Ugh. The price kills me when a lithium upgrade is soo much more efficient.

Thanks guys!

There is a fire danger, but less with large cells. You won’t be charging them as fast in relation to size.
For the most safety use a lower voltage chemistry.
LIFePo4 is a good safe chemistry. The green cells you see mentioned on here.
Also no bms is required. (battery managing system)
For someone with deep pockets @grantwest can do a turn key Chevy Bolt conversion. He has done a few and they are working great.

If you can’t drill a hole, or turn a screwdriver stick with acid batteries or buy a modified GEM. If you can do those and similar tasks, the green cells make a big difference and are easy to install. I have done two conversions so far.

I knew very little when it came to lithium and electrics, however I was able to search the thread for ideas and purchased grants volt pack. With a little DIY I installed it and got up in running in no time.

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Even after I sent Tyson what I thought would be plug and play Tyson had to use his skills. He was a great student and was able to bridge the gap between with I sent him and the things he need. So even a plug and play kit will require basic skills.

Sending your car to someone that’s done a few has a few benefits. The $1000 your gonna spend on transportation “to and from” you will save in frustration and potential burnt up parts.

Getting your car charging with all the safety measures like Dave’s Charge control dongle hooked to your BMS 24 us a great safety device and make me sleep well at night.

My wife and kids think I’m a Dumbass . But I have done a dozen of them .

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I put an '08 back to flooded batteries the other day (from 98v Lithium setup). Took it for a drive… I wanted to push it off a cliff, it would have been faster than driving it.
Lithium or nothing for me :slight_smile:

Friends don’t let friends drive on acid.


Hey king happy. I’ve been looking at doing a lithium conversion to one of my golf carts for a while. Traded one of them for a 05 gem e2 this week and love it but want it is going to need new batteries soon. I️ think I️ read that you sell the green lifepo4 cells and have done other swaps as well. I️ have a few questions that I️ haven’t been able to see a firm answer to yet and was wondering if I️ could pick you brain and if you had some of the cells for sale. Thanks in advance!


Drew . Be glad to answer your questions . Prefer to do it on the public forums so others can benefit . Ask away . Also I have one used lithium setup available for anyone interested .

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"My two main questions I️ can’t find a totally concise answer are

  1. Can my deltaq charge them or do I️ need to replace it?
  2. Do I Have to have Bms? "

The DeltaQ as-is can do a fair job, but best if it’s reprogrammed.
A bms is important but not necessary, if cells are monitored closely. IMO
I would not use 4.2v cells without a bms for charge control.
Lifepo4 is a safer chemistry and a different animal. I find that shunt balance boards are the best choice. One on each cell.

See what @LithiumGods has, he won’t steer you wrong.

Awesome. Thanks @Inwo and @LithiumGods!

Last questions. Does the DeltaQ require a programmer and if so how whats the best way to get one? Rent?

@LithiumGods which used setup do you have available? How would i go about buying it? What is the rmaining life expectancy? Cost?

I drive only inside a neighborhood and on the golf course so never more than 6-8 Miles on a charge.

Your deltaQ may not be the version that can be reprogrammed . you will need to post a picture of the label with model # . IF programmable you can ship it to one of us and we can do it .
You can buy a programmer ( under $200) but you cant get the lithium profiles . I did an experiment with a newer DeltaQ with 25 cells and it worked without reprogramming . You would have to do some testing to see if yours can . would 100% recommend a balancer or individual shunts . Sooner or later they will come out of balance and will get damaged without one one . I have a set of used green cells that Dave sells . A set of 24 will be $960 . with hardware . It will include one spare (total of 25) . This would be more than enough for your intended use . All cells have been tested and all are above 100% capacity . I would expect years of use but no guarantees on that . Dave has sold thousands of these and they have been really good cells .

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That’s a great deal. More thoroughly tested than mine.
I am getting a few of the last 300 tested, and will soon have them available again.
$50 per cell plus shipping and added services. Like balancing and test charging with shunt balancers.

If you don’t want them, I do. I’m going Lithium on an e6 I’ve been refurbishing and from prior experience on an e4, the green cells are pretty straight forward.

If you don’t want the cells @LithiumGods is selling - I’ll take them.

cbepps , yours if you want them . No one has them on reserve at this time .

@LithiumGods my charger is 910-7200 is that one reprogrammable?

I’m not ready to buy just yet so don’t hold off on my account, thanks though. Just out of curiosity how much would that pack cost to ship to TN?

@LithiumGods I’ll take them. @CoachCartman when you are ready, let me know as I’m in TN too and may be able to help.

Find one more guy!
Shipping 75 cells on a pallet is a lot easier for us.
I owe Kinghappy a 10 pack, so I’m sure we could save some shipping and money.

On a pallet we could sell more for the same price.

I have some drop-in lifepo4 kits again. 5 x 16v batteries about the same size as lead.
Connect same as before, less one battery. Use the same charger or reprogrammed DQ.
Charge indicator on each cell.