Have you heard of water-proof lithium titanate Ebike/Escooter battery?

We all know common lithium ion E-bike battery pack. Is there anyone heard of lithium titanate Ecycle battery, please? We all know titanate chmistry has a special feature of much longer life. So this battery has much longer life than common lithium Ebike battery.

This battery is made by a professional chinese lithium ion battery manufacture. This company makes their own battery cells. I visited their plant early this year and I saw all of their production equipment are imported from Japan, Canada and Germany. They are all fully automatic. After I talked with their engineer, they told me some special features for their battery pack:

  1. they add titanium composition at the cell negative side so the battery pack life becomes much longer;
  2. there is unique water-proof and moisture-proof designing in and out of their battery pack;
  3. they have patent BMS with cells balancing function and high-low temp. test function;
  4. the packs could work well at -20 degree and 60 degree.

Most importantly, they are using USA imported ceramic cell separator. During my visit, I saw they use a hammer knocked the battery cell heavily. They battery cell became deformed. But when they put the deformed battery cell into test device. The cell could still be charged and discharged normally! I am totally shocked at that time.

I also done a lot of research in China. There are very few companies who use imported production equipment and ceramic separator. This is really impressed.

This company has mainly 24V 10Ah, 36V 8.8Ah, 36V 9Ah ,36V 10Ah, 36V 11Ah, 36V 12Ah, 36V 14Ah, 36V 15Ah, 36V 20Ah, 48V 10Ah,48V 20Ah, 48V 30Ah, 48V 40Ah, 48V 50Ah, 48V 60Ah, 72V, others (they could make all the specifications you like and also do OEM Custom-made business.)

Is there anyone who would like to ask me more about this product, please feel free to contact me. I am very pleased to share what I know with you.Maybe I could also help you with your business.

I also forgot to mention that the price for this special E-bike battery is also the same as that of the common ones. This company told me they would like to sell more with low price.