Can a laptop battery be used to power an e-bike?

Hi I’m new to this forum and I’ve been working on an idea for how to power a road bike. The plan is to use a 9 cell lithium ion laptop battery to power a 100 watt motor for my road bike. The reason why I want to use a laptop battery is:

  1. so I can simply plug it into my laptop when I need to recharge the battery.
  2. It would be easily detachable from my computer or bike.
  3. Extremely light weight.
  4. I don’t have to carry extra batteries because my laptop battery serves 2 functions
  5. It’s easy to find old laptop batteries & i can swap out the old cells for new ones.
  6. Laptop batteries come with protection circuits built in.

There’s just one little problem with my plan though. I know lithium ion battery packs have a protection circuit inside them which is programed to automatically shut off the battery when over discharged. I’m afraid that If i were to try running my motor with this battery it might trip the protection circuit which may destroy the battery pack all together. I’ve looked all over the internet trying to find a the data sheet on my battery pack but just cant find anything. Also the motor I’m using is rated for 12 volts & my battery pack is only 10.8 volts; will this significantly reduce the power output of my motor? Has anyone here been able to succesfully power thier E-bike off just 1 laptop battery?

Thinkpad T60 Battery specs:
Chemistry: Lithium Ion
Voltage: 10.8
Capacity 7.8AH
Cells: 9x 18650 cells

Here is A diagram of what I have in mind:

Your motor will spin slower at 10.8v than it would at 12v so you’ll only see about 90W which is pretty small. I’m working on a 1000W bike at 36V, I suspect I’ll only get about 40kph out of it so I really don’t think you’ll see much power out of a 100w motor.

You can toast your batteries if you discharge them to fast. The protection circuit may protect you against this but I don’t know.