Where can I find these batteries?

I 'm going to be running one of these motors at full power for a duration of 6 minutes:


The device that I want to build will be be used for a tow unit which will tow a paraglider pilot into the air via a 3000 ft long line and a drum hooked up to the motor, all of which the pilot will take on board with him. Thus, it is critical that the unit and the battries be very low-weight.

Any idea where I can get my hands on batteries like the li-ion shown here?

It appears they are running 10 kw motor at 60 V and 167 amps for a total of 25 minutes of sustained flight time using a prop. I don’t need nearly that much power or duration, thought the the electric paraglider developers seem to be using this same battery, thus I assume they found the most effecient way to go by choosing these types of batteries. I have no clue where to find them, though.

Check out this video if you like. Now that is en expensive electic toy!!:


Thanks for your help!

  • Ivan

wow, totally cool

Not sure where to get those cells, but LiFePo is becoming a very huge interest within the EV world.

I’m going to LiFePo’s in the future… on my motorcycle. Should be pretty rad.

Keep us posted, this is still an EV!

How do you controll the motor on your bike?

The motor I’ll be running is 6,500 watt, at 44.4 volts and 150 amps, and I’d like to see if I can use a throttle setup kind of like a bicycle break.

Is that possible?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

This is what you want-