Awesome Lithium conversion

Converted a 2015 E4 to Lithium and did about every error possible in the process. But once rectified, this E4 is fabulous.
Lithium Gods (Mike) sold me the battery (Samsung) and walked me through fixing each bonehead mistake (and I made many).

  1. wrecked 2 chargers (Dave (Inwo) repaired one)(Thank you Dave)
  2. poor contacts on the BMS (voltage measured good contacts because I was pushing the volt meter into the contact so it showed good but when removed, the contact disconnected and the cart wouldn’t run.
  3. Loose connection on battery terminal which caused occasional cart shutdown. Again, Mike figured it out by giving me clues on how to catch the problem by screen shot of BMS while cutting out. Check all connections before wasting other people’s time.

I owe a huge thanks to Mike and Dave for getting this rooky through all my errors. Every problem was my own incompetence. Not a single problem with the products.


You should post a few pics of your success on the wall of fame.
90% of this forum is filled with crazy thoughts that did not work out as planned.

Its not like these things came with manuals (unless you can find them) but some of this crazy stuff is so far out off the edge of the pages that new extended chapters need to be written down somewhere.

For now- tack onto this topic you created for yourself. Run your car around the block a few times and come back with some first impressions. Come back after a week and drop in some numbers and range data and projected tire replacement schedules. Then add some fun pics on how you are using your car throughout the year.