I did the Tesla (GEM eL) conversion, so far, so good!

I shouldn’t say “I did,” because Inwo built the battery, all I did was drop it in and connect the wires. I found this forum a few days after buying my eL in a blind auction for $1500. The batteries were a mess, and I did some posting here trying to salvage them. Everything I tried made performance worse. Inwo messaged me and I dropped $3500 for the Tesla battery with the LCD BMS all connected and ready to do. He even found a guy who delivered it 2 hours from my house (I live in nowheresville, MI) for free (well, I insisted on giving him $50). After a minor mis-communication about connections (this was really silly - long story that is not worth telling) it’s up and running. He (Inwo - David) helped me find an iPhone ap to mirror and program the BMS - so I have an old iPhone permanently mounted on the dash now. The thing FLIES up hills! I haven’t really tested the range yet, 15 miles is the farthest I’ve gone on a charge so far - that’s all I need. At first the BMS was charging the battery to too many volts and gave me a -16 error code, but (with help) I adjusted the BMS to 86 volts and it’s working fine. I broke down a week later (after saying 25mph was plenty fast enough) and got the speedo-fooler, and now am going 33 - which is plenty fast enough! Wheels and tires (another thread, another story) on the way. Inwo sent me a “spoof” to teach the GEM to allow 90v charge, so that will add power and range when installed. This was a beat up old truck that was headed for the scrap yard, it’s now my favorite thing to drive. I live in a little town that is hilly, but the GEM is legal anywhere in my village (anywhere speed limit is 35 or less in Michigan) so I’m super happy with it. I highly recommend this, or any LiFePO4 battery conversion - it’s a different vehicle all together. I calculate I took 250 lbs off the curb weight. Now to fix the body panels, the upholstery, etc, etc. GREAT EXPERIENCE SO FAR! Do it!


Did you find the 5v voltage spoof?
Set bms to 90v. Still conservative.
Or just turn it up when you want more performance or range.

Found it! Have not had time to install it yet - busy with the boat today!

I’ll let you know.


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We’re you able to re-pin #1?
Higher voltage now?
Better performance?

Yes, after an initial screw up (I’m the one with hand skills, nephew is the electrical engineer, I let him “install” it and it gave crazy error codes until we figured out it didn’t have a solid connection) it seems to be working as expected. Haven’t checked performance yet, but charged to over 86v last night. If this thing gets any faster we’re going to need air bags.

Lithium turns it into a car you can’t hand over to just anybody. Especially not kids.

Maybe program the low speed setting real conservative and wire it to a removable valet key?

Nephew is 30, no kids driving this thing.

Now all you need is the AC Conversion kit and you will be rocking!!!

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Wow - awesome setup - I’m jealous and would love this battery setup!

Do I even want to know what that is?

Probably not… LOL

Search the forum for “AC Conversion” we have done a bunch of them.

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I’m good for now until something breaks. Fast enough. This is so fun!