New to GEM/Lithium retrofit

Hi Everyone,
I am new to GEM vehicle and live near the beach in Southern California. Owned a Tesla Model S when they first came out and now own a Model 3 as a daily driver. I am looking to get a 2002 GEM to take the family and friends out to the beach.
I found a GEM 825 for sale locally that has dead batteries. Maybe retrofitting it with newer tech batteries would make sense. I wanted to ask if anyone on this group had used the batteryevo system on a GEM (

2002 GEM is 72v. That looks like a 48v conversion kit and I don’t see a 72v kit on their site.

There are other lithium solutions out there if you don’t mind doing some of the work yourself.

If you haven’t bought the 02 yet, I’d look for something newer. Like post 2006. I have a 2002 and a 2010 GEM, the newer one is much superior many ways and probably an easier conversion. The 00-04 are tough, but have some real PITA characteristics.

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Adding an extra battery, and a 12 volt “spoof” is a cheap way to up performance and/or range. Also does’t spoil the ride. It is also trouble free and is uncomplicated.

How do you “spoof”? Can you send me a DM for more information? Thanks in advance!

A “spoof” is a device that goes in the #1 hole of the 23 pin connector Between the white wire and the connector. I fools the controller to think it has the 72 volt supply when using 84 volts. It can be purchased from Dav Bessen (INWO) of this forum.

I am in Glendale and have done a couple of e825 lithium conversions. Not hard if you can use a wrench. At the end of the day, lithium is a great improvement over any kind of lead acid and I love the performance and ease of maintenance.

Feel free to DM me if you want to chat.

Not getting your emails. Send me some money PayPal. That should go through.
Can I send you a few 12v parts to splice inline to p1 wire yourself. I’m kind of over selling things.

No problem How Much?

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Just enough for shipping. Say $10

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