Latest - 2009 - E2 AC Conversion

Just finished my latest E2 Conversion -
2009 E2
Kia Ioniq Lithium Batteries
8Kw AC Induction Motor
Sevcon Gen4 Size4 AC Controller
1" Spacers on the front wheels to give them a little more space

My best install yet, Forward HIGH = 49mph, Forward LOW = 35mph
This car screams!!! and is awesome to drive.



So, if someone has a working car, this can be a couple hour job?
The plug and play is real?

As long as the motor slides inside the RamHorn (like it did on this one) it’s about two/three hour job. Plug and Play.
Works like a charm.

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Would love this for my Gem. Being a 2001 the room for the motor is limited. What would you suggest?

As much as I would love to recommend an AC conversion for you I am afraid without major work the motor will not fit in a 2001.
You best bet would be to goto Lithium and a magic magnet - My buddies 2001 does 45mph with that combo.

How are the Ioniq batteries? Pictures?

I can get you some pictures of the Ioniq batteries, they work well. They are 10S and 85AH. I run them in series at 85v max. They weigh about 25 pounds each so I took out 500lbs of lead acid and put in 50lbs of lithium, that right there makes a huge difference.

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Ooooh, they make 6s too. 2 x 6s and a 10s = 22s. Gem perfect IMO.
How do bms leads attatch?

There are leads coming off the battery - like the BMW’s… I have not opened one up to see if there is a direct way to attach to each cell.

Very nicely done. Looks great and dangerously fast.

Looks GREAT! Nice “bucket” seats as well. I own a 2009 E2 is near perfect condition. R4F new motor. 14” wheels/tires and 1 year old gel batteries. I drive 2 miles to a golf course, play golf and come home. There are no issues with this cart.

When are you coming to Las Vegas for this 2 - 3 hour job? I have no skills and want my cart to go lithium and drop some weight.

Let me know, Vegas vacation and a little work on the side.


Here are some pics of the batteries - This is two of the stacked to make an 86v battery.


Are you cutting those plugs or using them? I would like to source the plugs and build a plug and play bms for them.
If they are readily available and you haven’t beat me to it.
Already have board design. Only need some to test.
If you plan to use these going forward, I can pick up a couple to work on.

So I have not done either yet - I am open to testing anything you want. Right now these are unmonitored cells, good, bad or indifferent… ::slight_smile:
They are a pretty common battery and I have a local source for them.

Nice. Will these fit okay in a E4

I’m working on same idea with Michael. A pcb docking port that the slim 24s smart bms plugs in.
Then have sockets on the same board that battery modules plug in.
No wire bms.


The only thing holding me up is the long pin ra 2.0mm pitch sockets that bms will slide into.
For testing I am plugging 3 short pin headers together.

Asked icgogo to source them, but slim chance of him helping.

That is the hardest part about adding a BMS - all the wires, if we can get that down to ribbon cables that would be awesome.

Just put two in an E4 - that is actually what the pictures are from.

Great to see some interest. Sample boards are ordered.
Still haven’t sourced the BMS to pcb headers. moq = 2,000 over $500
I have the BMW modules figured out, but need more info on the ioniq plus and pinout.
With enough interest, or confidence on my part, I’ll make the investment.