PlanB - Welcome/Intro

Welcome @PlanB2001 to the group.

Can you give us more details on your build/plans?

  • What year/model is your car?
  • How are you using it?
  • What are your goals?
  • What is your budget?

Did you join up here looking for advice/tips/tricks/info? Depending on the answers to the questions you post above, we probably have some(read as–>way more than you need) opinion on what you want to do.

Not only will you find personal guidance(as well as a good chance of some good natured ribbing), but you also have access to decades of past conversations in the archives using the magnifying glass tool in the upper right of your screen. Most likely what you are interested in has been discovered by someone else. (Sometimes you need to use the right keywords). Use your own judgement as some of the tricks used 5-10 years ago have changed today. The progress/solutions/ access to tech in the last year alone has been fun to watch.

Here is one example to what I assume you are doing.

Realize that every build starts off with a plan/direction, but be prepared to be gently/brutally guided by others on this platform share their experiences with their own builds that went down the same path as you intend to go.

Is this an AC motor swap also ? Estimated cost for the conversion ? or 864 809 5992 if you prefer not to post.
I have an E2 I’m in the process of restoring.


Hi PlanB,
Welcome to the e-forums.
The Green Lantern build (above) is a well pimped out car based on a 2011 chassis. It does NOT have AC installed (at this point). It has a R4F Blue 7.5 motor and a stock controller with possibly a few tweaks to it’s settings.

Can I assume your pen name reflects the year of your project car? (which you did not say)
This is important.

If so, there is much to be said on what you have. and we should probably move this to another thread rather than tacking your Highly Published topic onto this Lithium Success thread.
(Invited PlanB to his own Intro thread)

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That and the voodoo witchcraft thing where you listen to engine parts with a stick. Ogga chacka.

I always scare people off with too many words.
Maybe he hasn’t noticed the little note flag up at his avatar.

Feel for the noise…

Always impressed with Byron answers!

This thread was much funnier before half the posts got nuked,. :frowning:

Voodoo witchcraft I tell ya.