Added 6 Tracker Lifpo batteries and is not charging

I recently got 6 12 volt Tracker Lithium LifPO 100 MAH batteries in my 2013 Gem e4. They have 4 cells in each battery. I was told the stock charger would work but it is not charging them at all. Do I need to change the algorithm on the Delta Q? It is a DQCR charger. Any help0 will be appreciated.

hi maybe you disconnect temp sensor on negative pole then change batteries ?

The temp sensor was connected. Should I disconnect it?

I haven’t seen any Tracker batteries for use s6 in a Gem. Did you ask before buying?

first thing I’d do is put a multi-meter on them to see that each is 12.0V or more and then measure total output(across entire pack) and be sure it’s over ~68V or so since I think the DeltaQ needs to see more than 68V or so before it’ll start charging.

First thing I’d do is return them.
Then search around here for SDI pack. It works, has better range, higher voltage and cost about the same. And it will work woth your charger.
Last thing would be to ghost the ■■■■■ who told you to get lifepos

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Most 12v lithium batteries can NOT be put in series above 4 batteries 48v. Cabelas says 36v. 6 in series for 72v wont work, the internal bms’s cant handle the voltage. We sell a lithium battery that is a single unit, no connections necessary. hook up positive and negative cables and done. This battery raises the Gem to 89v and will make it out perform any other lithium battery on the market. Super fast and works with factory charger and reprogrammed dash gauge. 35+ mile range. complete $2750