LiFePo4 algorithm

Hello, I am a new GEM owner. I have a 2005 GEM e4 that I am planning on converting to a LiFePo4 battery pack. Is there an algorithm for the Delta q that I can program in, or is it best to ditch the delta for an alternative charger? If I ditch the delta, then I will loose the charge meter on the display, won’t I ? Also I have a T-3 motor controller, can I reconfigure that for higher speeds? If not, I want a magic magnet if they are still available for purchase through PayPal.

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If your charger is original to this car, I don’t think it can be reprogrammed.
If it has been replaced along it’s timeline, then you need to look at the Ser#. The earliest one on record that we know of needs to have a begin of DQCP with a black dot next to the label.

If yours is not programmable you can begin the hunt for a new one. They come up from time to time.

If you find a deal on another type of charger, they can be adapted to work with the GEM, but it takes a few bits of tomfoolery to get the Dash SOC Display to work. It actually is not directly related to the charger,

The T3 has it’s pitfalls, and has gotten a bit of a bad reputation. If you have one, there is no reason to not use it. Yes, the MM is the way around those limits. Running a high voltage battery really helps.

How high were you planning on going with your pack, and why Lifepo4?

Thanks for responding.
I am using LiFePo4 batteries because that’s what I have for now. I hopefully haven’t made the wrong choice. My plan is to start around 72v and increase to 96v eventually
I am more interested in range increase versus speed increase. When you say Tomfoolery, regarding the state of charge display, what exactly are you referring to?

My Delta q appears to be OEM. No black dot present on the label. I have found several chargers that work with a LiFePo4 charge voltage. I can always purchase a SOC meter and mount it on the dash if needed. Been looking for Miata or Honda/Acura wheels to put on my GEM, also I need new shocks.

You missed the first part where it needs to have a ser# later than DQCP.
DQCQ would a yes. DQCO would be a NO. Kapish?
Black dot was unique to DQCP only.

Another clue might be if charge rate/stage lights are solid bars or broken up with 1 to 6 lines.

DQCP dot

It’s really hard for my old eyes to read, but the serial number appears to start with DQDB…

There are less than 3k miles on this car. I got it from an air force auction. Everything appears to be OEM…

The serial number definitely begins with DQDB…also individual lines on charge indicator, not solid bars.

It’s really hard for my old eyes to read,

You are not alone. Phone camera works wonders for stuff like this.

But DQDB should program just fine.

Are you sure you want to play with Lifepo4? They can be quite tricky. Do your research. Many have gone that route only to be disappointed.

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Fortunately or unfortunately, I have committed to the LiFePo4 cells financially so I’m kinda stuck. I have been doing a lot of research, I thought I was gonna be fine. What sort of issues are you referring to? I was initially concerned with using lithium ion because I live in southern Arizona, it gets hot here, I was concerned about potential fire hazards with lithium ion batteries. I plan on using my GEM for my work route.

DQDB is fine. Just let us know how many cells. Up to 28s

Inwo, I sent you $ for a mm today

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24s for my battery cell configuration

Good morning,

We are a custom golf car dealership in Miami … We have done really well with the GEM units we’ve sent to Oscar Sicle at GEM of Miami who does incredible service , knowledgeable & has performed all our lithium upgrades … He’s been in the GEM world for almost 4 decades… He sells & has in stock the lithium kits also the speed upgrades, & just about anything you can think of when it comes to the GEMs…Try calling Oscar he’s not only efficient , reliable , but , but most importantly, homest … He can give you the best advice & is always willing to help versus take your money … For all GEM owners , he also has developed a new cluster where to read your charger that comes with their lithium upgrade kit … Our last build was an E6 with one of their 210ah lithium upgrades & our client is very happy not to mention the extra range between charges… Hope this helps …

Have a great week to all !!!

Kind regards

Seems like this forum is more about people wanting to sell their stuff. No true diy Stuff. A lot of opinions, a lot of people who are fast to give opinions, but then won’t respond at all if you ask for clarification. The first time I tried to get advice I was told don’t buy Nissan leaf batteries lithium ion is dangerous. Then I write that I’ve purchased LiFePo4 batteries and some numnut announces a lot of people having problems with LiFePo4 but won’t elaborate. I think I’m done trying to get answers for my gem from this bull crap

some numnut announces a lot of people having problems with LiFePo4

Numnut?!?!? WTF? Are you referring to me/My comment?

Actual quote (post 9)

Are you sure you want to play with Lifepo4? They can be quite tricky. Do your research. Many have gone that route only to be disappointed.

That comment was more along the lines that this group has advanced past the point of using that chemistry. I was trying to save you some grief.

But numnut? That is the quickest way to piss off one of the only guys that has responded to your questions.

If you were a serious reader here I’m sure you have come across the directions to search the archives. I’m sorry if I did not point you directly to some examples. But I get busy, and since you have already jumped in on that chemistry I wasn’t going to dog on you for your decision. Then look at the characters that were doing it, how they were doing it, and notice they are no longer running LiFePo4.

Continue with your build. Let me know how it works out, Report back in a year on how long term is working out. Prove me wrong.

Thanks for the insight. That’s what I was trying to get to begin with on this site. Everyone gets busy I’m not out to prove anyone right or wrong. Too many ambiguous answers don’t help either. I’ve already spent over$1k on battery cells after giving up on lithium ion from someone else’s advice on this site. So I’m ■■■■ out of luck now. I still received no answers about a LiFePo4 algorithm so I’m giving up on the Delta q and getting a different charger. I have no idea if I’m doing the right thing and stupidly started trying to get help on this site. I feel like I’ve already blown it by buying the f’ ing batteries I bought, so y’all can ride off into the sunset as far as I’m concerned. No help just, bs opinions, and seems more like a good ol boy network than actual help. I’ll keep looking for help with the gem elsewhere or just sell it.

I am sorry you have not gotten what you need. I have a Ford Think. I went with Lithium batteries because I was sick of the problems I was having with Gels and AGMs. I am happy with the Lithium batteries I have from EVO Batteries. Having said that, I purchased a brand new Delta 922-7254 charger when I was going to use the DELTA AG31 gells for my Think (72 volt). I do not need it any longer. You can check with the Delta website or tech line to be sure your Lithium Batteries will charge with this battery charger. It is fully capable to charge lithium batteries. Still it is best to check first. I am willing to sell it for a reasonable price plus shipping via USPS. leave a message

Last I checked, “GEM Forum” in the “” domain is not a corporate nor government forum and there’s no hourly rate associated with tech support requests. If someone told you Nissan Leaf modules were scary on the street would you believe them? The crazy thing about many forums and public discussion groups is that there is often a search area which allows you to find out what others have said and done in the past. That is if you understand what to ask. And there is this thing called the World Wide Web which also has some search ‘engines’ where you can learn about others things related and unrelated to GEM but maybe something like Lithium batteries are used other places. If they are, there might be something to learn from those other sites but like I said, nobody here is getting paid so if you want someone to write you a step-by-step how-to and snap-together-lego kit you’re best bet is to learn a little bit, or alot of bit, by spending hours reading AND googling to understand some basic things.

I totally understand the frustration of wanting something to be one way, blindly and unknowingly accept what someone says then spend lots of money and find out it was complete bull sh;t. Welcome to the WWW era.

Ya, sorry, I’ve been in a ‘mood’. will clean that up.