Accelerator pedal

Hello,there used to be someone selling an aftermarket accelerator pedal for gem cars,2008,can’t find him anymore,are there any aftermarket pedals available?

I can build a replacement bolt in pot box.
You will need to bolt on your original pedal.

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Interested,do these have any warranty or are you familiar with any that have been put into use as far as do they work like the original ones?,also how would I order one?thanks for responding

No warranty except to work. Send it back for any reason.
They are new automotive throttles.
PM for payment info.

Im having problems with my throttle pedal. Is this pretty much a direct replacement? I just put my pedal on this box?

It’s an old thread. I don’t think i have one ready to go.
Yes direct fit if it has the switch added to it.

Im needing to get this done to get my Gem back going. If you are interested in building one that I can just bolt up I would greatly appreciate it. I cant seem to find a new pedal and dont know where to get one off of a salvage cart.

Where are you located SDawg?

@AssyRequired can you help him out?
I have parts an instructions but no time.

@Inwo - I looked inside the sample/prototype you sent me…
I think i can handle that.
I guess it’s time for me to put some big boy pants on…

What do you have for parts? or I will see if I can source them from here.
I check if my old Mouser account is still active.

I live in Cairo, Ga but am in Mexico Beach, Fl several times a week

Ok, We’ll get you fixed up.
Stand by…

Just let me know what i need to do! Thank you

You should send him $600 as a deposit. His email is

Done…keep checking your spam folder. Its bound to show up sometime


Not at all.
Option 1: I have your prototype box here and I’m about ready to plug it into my car to test(just) to make sure it will work. It might need an adjustment on the switch if I remember right.

Option 2: I have a faulty one (just swapped) from a local neighbor and popped the lid off it just to see what is inside. I see a few(3) of the pin to board solder joints have a little green on them so maybe this got a little water in it? Symptom on this one was that it goes great for about a block then power starts to drop off. By the next block the car is down to a crawl. (resistance going high??)

If new clean solder fixes it he can have this one (knowing it is used) but pedal bar is still riveted on this one so it will be a bolt on and plug in. This will involve an exchange as I will want his pedal back here. Otherwise I will cut the rivets off (keep the bar, send the block) and he can figure out how to bolt the two together.

Backup plans:
I was also assuming you were sending a few bits just in case this one didn’t work. (I sent you a dollar)

I sourced another new pedal assy to modify and it will be here tomorrow. If all looks good I will order up a few more and have them on hand.

The squirrel is running on the wheel but you aren’t seeing it.

Ive got my pedal off the car now so i can drill the rivets out to get it off my sensor.

Don’t drill just yet. Leave it on there.
What was the problem with your pedal?(I’m late to this party)
Is it throwing a code?
Not working at all?

Would start out just fine when i first got to the cart and within 100 yards would slow down to a crawl and eventually stop. I think it was code 11 that eventually came up. I tested everything possible and narrowed it down to the pedal