GEM Accelerator Pedal Assembly Needed

Polaris Part #2010400 Accelerator Pedal Assembly Needed. Not available from Polaris. Any suggestions for an alternate source?

Try Ebay…

Are they repairable?
Or sealed.
Anyone had one open?

Hi picture inside throttle

A couple hundred $$ to replace?
Do they give much trouble?

yes cost $440
had some problem,and if you get car run it goes very slow
change to a new and all nice again
think ge centry logging program would be perfect to detect this problem

Yes, Sentry monitor function tells you everything. Are you able to access it in T3 & T4?
I’d pay shipping for a bad one, if you get one.

Cleaning the tracks sometimes works. My luck is 50% so far. don’t bend the contact fingers!!!


Hi any news on this pedal ?
dont understand how it can be discontinued :frowning:

Your Polaris dealer will be happy to sell you one.

I would love to get a bad one to see if I can find a replacement or rebuild them.

Good news everybody Polaris now sells PN:2010469 accelerator pedal that comes with a harness adapter. It will be available 11/07/2018 but cost $470 ouch.

You might try adapting a toyota prius pedal. I have not had one in my hands put it appears they work off of a 5 volt supply just like the gem, to give a signal of about 1/2 volt to 4v (more or less) Looks like they are a hall effect setup which probably is better and less prone to wear. Best of all they are as low as 20 bucks on ebay. Worth some effort to adapt… I might try one myself just for fun.

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If you do try it out and it works, please let us know. I think mine might be bad but I haven’t had a chance to test it. I’ve also heard that 02 chevy trailblazer pedal assembly might work also, it does look the same as the one in GEMs.

Curious if anyone has tried replacing the older (2002) style welders pedal with the newer Polaris pedal.

Traillazer pedal might work. There are many possibilities. A search for accelerator pedal will yield a lot. The take away is, it is not necessary to spend hundreds on a polaris oem replacement pedal. Anything that can use a 5v supply. My pedal seems a bit choppy at the first 1/3 of travel especially when backing off into regen. I susspect it is due to the mechanical nature of it. Some hall effect setup should be smoother…

This part number might help if you are near a RV scrap yard. These pedals are used in RV . Here is a crossreference part to look for online on or at the salvage yard. PART NO. 6570417 or DRIVE SOL P# 050G-E4634 other options are ACDelco 25832864 GM Original Equipment Accelerator Pedal with Position Sensor.

The Gems need a switch, which is hard to find. I do have add-on hall switches, if it is fs1 that has failed and pot is ok.
One of my customers on here @Trip makes a complete plug-in throttle kit for 2008 type.

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08 gem pedal need help

@Old_Houseboater may be able to rejuvinate yours.
I understand that not all are repairable.

I can send you a replacement potbox. 2 weeks to delivery. $250.
I have several iterations. All work, but subject to availability.

Possibly send yours to @AssyRequired for new replacement.