GEM Accelerator assembly

I have a 2002 four seater which may have a problem with the accelerator pedal microswitch; I was told to try cleaning the switch, but I cannot see how the pedal assembly is removed or opened up for inspection or repair.
Any experience another hands-on GEM fixit person could offer would be a great help.
Michael B

All of the throttle parts are available from the OEM manufacturer. This throttle was used on pre-2005 GEMs. It is actually an electric welder’s foot pedal made by Linemaster Switch Company, a major supplier of welding foot controls. They have good technical support. Just ask for help with catalog number 09ASAC-5K, which is the number for a complete throttle assembly. The throttle is mounted by sheet metal screws which pass through the floor of the GEM. It took a while to figure out how to get the cover off. If you are replacing the micro switch, I would also recommend replacing the return spring as well. Together, the switch and spring may cost about $10. See below my throttle parts list followed by a link to my comprehensive list of repair parts and then contact info for Linemaster.


pre-2005 throttle return spring: 975-W9 Linemaster Switch Corporation (exact OEM part, about $2)
also available from GEM as part # 0610-00796

pre-2005 throttle 5KΩ pot: LSC-804-4 Linemaster Switch Corporation (exact OEM part)

pre-2005 throttle micro switch: 975-X11 Linemaster Switch Corporation (exact OEM part)

pre-2005 throttle assembly (complete): 09ASAC-5K Linemaster Switch Corporation (exact OEM part)

LINEMASTER Switch Corporation - America’s Foot Switch Leader

Thank you for getting me started, Daniel!
The pedal on this one was mounted using self tapping screws through the bottom piece of the pedal and through the floor of the cab. I turned them back flush with vise grips from underneath the EV, and now that I can turn it over, I don’t see any screws or fasteners that allow opening the pedal assembly. I removed the non-skid pad from it, and the only screw heads I see on the outside are where the control cable enters the stationary side of the pedal; taking them out didn’t seem to have any effect on opening it up.
There must be a way to open it up, because it had to be open to screw it in place to install it; I didn’t want to try prying or forcing it open, because I know there is some procedure here that I am not seeing.
What am I missing?
Thank you!
Michael B

Thanks to Daniel’s experience and help I disassembled the accelerator assembly (I just kept looking at it until I saw that it could only be the pivot point that allows the top to be removed from the bottom).
I took out the microswitch and tested it with a continuity tester, so I could see which way it operates; then sprayed an anticorrosive contact cleaner into it, the blew compressed air through until no more cleaner came out. I then re-assembled the footswitch, and took the GEM on a drive, doing everything that had brought on the error message and motor stopping before, with no problems.
This forum is a great resource-thank you for helping me keep driving electrically!
Michael B

any alternative part for 1999-2004 master cylinder? thanks.

I have been interested in locating and posting master cylinder repair parts, but we’ve never had had a master cylinder go bad in any of our GEMs. I have been able to match up caliper seals and some of the other brake parts. There is a used master cylinder on Ebay right now.


I bough a 2002 gem and the accelerator was missing, I bought one directly from linemaster like suggested on this post but it didn’t come with a quick connect end and now I have no idea how to wire it, there are four wires coming out, white, black, green and red.

The connections are as follows:

GEM wiring harness / Linemaster wiring / function

white/violet / white / potentiometer
black/violet / black / potentiometer
green/violet / green / potentiometer
black/white / black / interlock switch
orange/yellow / orange / interlock switch


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Would you describe how you opened the accelerator assembly? I do not want to break the pivot point.

put a phillips screw driver on the visible end of the pivot and hit the end of the screw drive with the plm of your hand. This is a spring plunger. The top of the foot pedal will pop loose.


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Has anyone found a nicer throttle pedal for a 2002. The Linemaster potentiometer is so archaic

Most any standard postbox will work. Golf cart type.
I believe a Saturn throttle will work by adding a switch.
Just like the 2008 throttle replacement.