Gem throttle problem

new member,nice forum here :slight_smile:

any chance to repair a accelerator pedal for 2007 Gem car ?
the manual says 80-3000 ohm
it was little water inside,i have dry it but it will not work good :frowning:
new one cost $266,maybe there are parts for repair

Always be alert when working on the throttle. If the problem suddenly fixes itself, the GEM may take off unexpectedly. I have never worked on the 2005 and newer pedal. The 2004 and older pedal is different. From what you describe, here is my advice. Using an ohm meter, the potentiometer inside the throttle assembly should read about 80 ohms at one end and and about 3000 (or 3K ohms) at the other end of travel with the pedal assembly disconnected from the harness. Potentiometer is the technical name for a variable resistor, like the volume knob on a stereo system. The ohm reading should change smoothly throughout its range with no dead spots or spikes. The shaft should not have any play or binding. If the condition is in doubt, have an electronics supplier match up a replacement. If removing or replacing, the wires must go back the same way. otherwise the throttle will work backwards. Also, be sure the pedal linkage is actually turning the potentiometer as you press the pedal. Check inside the assembly for a proving switch. This is a reed switch that confirms the throttle is open. Primarily a safety device, the switch prevents the GEM taking off if turned on with the throttle applied or stuck. This is the source of error code -11. If you find an after market parts source, please share your results so I can post them to the list.


thx for your answer
i will take some picture tomorrow

can not see what is broken in here

is this a membrane potentiometer ?

it looks like Gem use 5-0volt

It does look like a membrane potentiometer. These are far more complex than the pre-2005 type. How sure are you the throttle is actually bad? I have been able to get technical data from GEM in the past. Things like the transducer temperature / resistance chart for the battery charger. I tell them Iā€™m more than 100 miles from the dealer and they usually will help. This has saved me from needlessly replacing expensive parts. Each of the resistance membranes has a range that corresponds with a position of the pedal. The auto industry calls this drive by wire. One of the membranes acts as a check on the other, so that if either fails, the controller locks out. This is to prevent unintentional acceleration. pre-2005 GEMs used a reed switch for this function. Are you getting any kid of error code? Is there anything else that might be causing the problem like the parking brake switch out of adjustment?



i dont get any error code
think code -05 are switch problem
switch function works fine in the pedal with a summer
and i also here solenoid click in after pressing pedal slowly
its the ohm some are the problem
if it was ok it should be 80ohm on full speed
and 3000 ohm on zero
but now its crazy :wink:

do you think i can find that potentiometer ?
or is it some special ?


Are you sure the harness was unhooked when taking the ohm readings? This assembly appears to be unique to the GEM. Older GEMs used a rotary potentiometer and EZ-GO uses an inductive sensor for the throttle. I tried finding the manufacturer on the internet, but found nothing useful. The membrane can be cleaned with automotive brake cleaner. Look for breaks and bends in the membrane and loose electrical connections. Also, look where the throttle attaches into the harness.