2009 GEM Car starts and stops going about 4’

I had an error 82 on dash. Magnet was cracked. I replaced magnet and speed sensor. Now error code gone but it still goes about 4’ when I hit the “gas”…let off petal and repress … another 4’ …etc.

Any ideas? So annoying…

Well, the 82code is now showing up. I wonder if I got a bad replacement magnet. I bought it on eBay and it is not OEM but fit fine and matched the OEM part code.

If “pump”the accelerator it will kind of run. So it goes like this…
Press accelerator, moves ~4’, releasable and re-press …another 4’ and so on…


You can test by connecting an analog meter from B- blk to green wire.
Should read 4v+ and drop to near zero when rolling car slowly.
If it doesn’t reach close to 4v it may need a pull-up resistor.
If doesn’t go to zero, magnet may be weak or too far from sensor.

Chance its the throttle assembly. These puppys are expensive

I would like to add some info for consideration…
I could see the magnet was cracked but I replaced the speed sensor first cause I had one laying around and it was easy. I was able to drive about a 100 yards, thinking yea it’s fixed, but then it started having the same problem. Also, when I replaced the magnet I ordered, it drove about 25 yards before it stopped…and resorted back to 4’ per accelerator press. Weird!

Thanks for any insight!

Borrow a throttle assembly I chased a similar problem for over 8 hours. It ended up with a change out. Mine would start out alright then die to nothing. had to push the miserable puppy home.

What comprises the throttle assembly?

Ok… so I got the 3 bolts off that I think are the throttle assembly hooked to the pedal. Now how do I get the freaking pedal off so I can get it out and attempt to clean it…which has been suggested?

I would like to know who designed this freaking GEM … .everything is so difficult to access!

Hopefully I will get it running soon and I’m selling the damn thing! If not, I’m gonna sell it for parts. I’m sick of it! 2009 7.0 E4! Anyone interested.

I’m gonna sell the other on that I just replaced the controller in too and get a Golf cart! Anyon interterested? I’m in OKlahoma

These 2 pins holding the pedal are not bolts…rivets? I hope I don’t have to take the freaking dash’s off to get to it! Can u tell I’m frustraded…lol!

Is this the throttle assembly?


And the guy you will sell it to will run it 5 years without a lick of trouble😜

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Yep! What do you know about getting that darn throttle assembly pedal off? Thanks!

I am Having a problem getting the pedal and accelerator control off. I took the 3 bolts off control but can’t separate the pedal from control because their are 2 bolts things that don’t unscrew where they join…maybe riveted? HELP! It’s driving me nuts. I hope I don’t have to take the dashes off toooo!

Didn’t you say the code 82 was back? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The pedal and control box come out as an assembly. You have to take the dash off and the under dash. 5 minutes work 2 screws and 3 bolts ??? Have the car on jack stands - crawl under and twist it around till it comes out inside the cabin.

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Yes, 4’ and stop-error 82, 4’ and stop error 82, ETC. If I pup the accelerator…I can at least get back up the drive way withou pushing. I replaced magnet and speed sensor…didn’t help [but the magnet was cracked). If it is tachometer …then what?

You posted on another thread for a different issue…
Inwo said “Pin 7 is the throttle signal. No need to take anything apart.
As -82 can be tach error and you had a tach magnet problem…”

So what should I do with pin 7? Which pin 7 where? I already replaced cracked magnet and the speed sensor? I can swap parts as I have a 2nd GEM but not real smart on all this electrical stuff…sorry… But I can and will follow concise instructions. BTW, the magnet I replaced appears to be in same location as the bad one was on end of spindle. I guess I might have gotten a bad one? Thanks for info …more detail please.

FYI…I bought the magnet on eBay. Using the club cart part# previously posted. I noticed some of the ads say 48v GE and some don’t specify volts.
Should this work?

Pin 7 of the 23 pin plug on controller. Comes from the throttle box. It should change smoothly from near zero (<1.4v)to about 4 volts with increasing throttle.
Pin 3 is 2.5v from the start switch. It should go to near zero (<1.4v) and stay there throughout range of throttle position.
All tests use B- for meter common.

The sensor (tach) wires are red, green, and black.
Black is B-, red +4 volts, Green pulse.
The green wire should go low 4 times per motor rev.
Rolling the car smoothly and slowly while measuring green will show high, low, high, low, etc.
Needs to go below 1v and over 3.5v.