2019 Gem E4 SOC not dropping

I have a Gem car E4. I fully charge it and it says SOC is 100% with full bars. The problem is that the SOC never drops, range also stays at 0 and Effiency Rate (EFF) stays at 0. The cart operates good other than this.

Not long ago I installed a new BMC and the dealer reflashed it for me as it.

did you change the batteries?
do you know if the dealership flashed it with the right profile?
There are a few profiles one including AGMs long distance 4 or 8 batteries.

(I assume 2016+) My experience is that SOC, Range, EFF are all controlled by the BMC. Djgabriel is the expert, but it could mean that you need to be reflashed. If it were just the wrong flash, it would have shown a different range at the time of flash. But I think it would still show a discharge as you used the cart. Why did the original BMC need to be replaced?