2005 GEM e4 - Display Settings

Im new, bought one for fun and now trying to fix all the little things that are not right. I read reponses to battery setting and adjusting the SOC (my battery at full charge drops to low charge in about 4 miles). I have not been able to find out what all the other codes are and if mine is set up correctly. If there is link anyone can recommend, I would appreciate the guidance, if its easier, please reply with what the following codes mean and what should the settings be for each:
Batt: (battery) 00-100
NoCLt: (?) 00-100
CHLt: (?) 00-100
LTOFF: (?) 00-100
LTON: (?) 00-100
SOC: (State of Charge) 00-100
dc Ind: (Direct Current ? [indicator]) 00-100
CH Ind: (?) 00-100

Sorry to be such a novice, but not sure where else i can get this kind of detail. I appreciate you…

thanks in advance for the reply.


You didn’t happen to note where all those were set before you got in and played with them did you?
Those weren’t really supposed to be messed with.
The only one you are allowed to go in and mess with is the SOC and only under certain conditions.

The ONLY other notes that I have ever seen would be
SOC - sets battery bar graph
Lt On - Display brightness - When Headlights Are ON
Lt OFF - Display Brightness - When Headlights Are OFF
CHLt - Display Brightness - When Car is Charging
noCLt - Display Brightness - when Charger is Finish Charging

The rest of the stuff in there seems to be a dark secret and kept under a cloak of darkness at Gem Central.

Back to your problem:
What makes you think the bar graph is the problem?
What is the actual condition of your battery pack after 4 miles?
Does your car still drive like it does fresh off the charger?
Do you know how old your batteries are?
Do you have an external meter you can test batteries with?

There are a few other things that would drop your SOC to and one would be a tired old pack.

good advice and no, i didnt change any of the settings. just the SOC.

After 4 miles it generally drops to a red bar. After parking it, on occasion, it has rebounded the display to show full charge. It will drive 30 miles on a single charge like its fresh (25 MPH when peddle is down) and i have not had the turtle light up either, so clearly the graph is not accurate with the actual charge. Batteries are about 1.5 years old. I don’t have a meter, but will get one. i wasn’t sure if their were other setting that could change the display monitor.

Thanks for the help

Try the steps in this thread:

Anyone have a recommended battery volt meter?

Fluke devices are outstanding. Not cheap but will last a couple lifetimes. Cheap would be the $5 ones at Harbor Freight.

Fluke or Fieldpiece are my preferred. Fieldpiece is about half the cost of Fluke.

Stay away from the harbor freight one for what you’re doing, they are good if you want a reading within a volt or 2 but they aren’t accurate and the cheap ones onlread to the nearest volt.

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