SOC reset for 2019 Gem E4

I was doing work on the gem so had everything unplugged. When does the SOC bars reset? I gave it a full charge but nothing. Does it need a few drive and charge cycles?

hi sometime it needs 2 charge

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Disclaimer: I don’t know much about 2019 cars

What kind of work were you doing on your car? I think I saw on another thread that you replaced or were working on the charger?

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I replaced the dc dc converter. The batteries were unhooked for quite a few weeks.

I dont see anything in the servuce manual or owners manual about resetting the SOC.

The SOC just shows empty battery

some cars also have a little 12v battery under dash,look if it are empty

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That was my initial problem of why I put in a new dc to dc converter. The 12 volt battery died. The dash wont come on when the 12v battery is dead.

Im going to call out the service guy because I am all out of ideas on this one. I will be sure to report my findings.

Only thing I can think of is to really drain the 48v bank by driving the vehicle a lot then charging it. I have only driven it about 5 miles a day for the past few days then charged it

ok,look if he maybe can do a update to your bmc

I would just drive it the way it is. It may just need to re-learn what you have for a battery pack and it’s present state. Then it may reset when it goes through a full charge cycle or two.

Opinion based on what alot of the marine systems do(xantrex, etc).

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I’m having the same issue with a 2019 gem car . Is there any updates on how the issue was resolved ?

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The local dealer says the BMC needs to be reflashed. The problem is they dont have the software to do it.

What problems did you have prior to this? Any?

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The 12v aux battery died so I charged independently and everything worked fine except the SOC. Ordered the manual and traced wires and made it to the point where the BMC would be the issue. Sadly, the BMC part comes in a undriveable state so I didn’t order that part. I’m considering purchasing the openwrench software . But I’ll have to order a laptop and didn’t want to do all that if my assumption was incorrect. Nonetheless, I’ll order the software knowing what you experienced. Thanks

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Same thing here. 12v battery died had it dead for weeks while I waited for a new one and a new 48v to 12v converter.

I’m gonna have ours trucked to a local dealer that says they can do it 45 miles away. They said they dont have mobile service like the other place that cant do it

Why all the worry about soc? I wouldn’t pay $.50 to fix it.

Well, that is unfortunate. Is there any way you can send them your module for a reflash and have it hold it’s memory long enough for you to get it back and plug it back into your car?

It sounds like sloppy/lazy design if you ask me…

How many big cars on the road today have this issue?

Why all the worry about soc? I wouldn’t pay $.50 to fix it.

I was thinking about this too. Lots of other little add on modules would fix that if you really wanted one. I was giving them the thought that the have a nice (fairly) new car and they want everything to work.

I’ve killed my soc many times during my hacking attempts. It always comes back after a few “full” charge cycles. It must complete the cycle.

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This is for a 2019+ model? I have driven and and charged it many times with no luck as of now. It is at the place I work but not my department. The kids using it will for sure not charge it and run out of battery if I give it to them. They have 2 other vehicles to use and I am busy to this uad been on the back burner for months now

Maybe bad batteries. Does charger finish cycle or fail?

I’m in the same situation where it is work related and the department that uses the gem car will just end up damaging the batteries from riding the car and never charging it. I have the car in my garage and will do so until I come up with a solution. the lithium battery pack is around $8k so its cheaper for me to just keep the car in my garage plugged up.

What year of carts does that work for? It seems like you use to be able to manually reset the SOC