2014 Gem E2 w/ Rear Flip Seat

I just added a rear flip seat to my 2014 Gem E2. I’ve only found 2 cars with a rear golf cart seat, but they were around 2002. This took a bit of fabrication and welding up mounting brackets, but I think it turned out really nice. Give me your thoughts.

Here are some pictures.

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Yes I do have the seat belts here. I just need to get them installed. Most of our travel will be under 10mph in our campground with 2 kids on the back and will seldom have adults back there. Safety is our #1 concern.

(1) I can also spin the front tires. With 2 adults on the front and 2 kids on the back, I found it harder to spin the tires. Steering was fine. Didn’t feel like there was any loss of steering at all. (2) I think it would be very difficult to flip it backwards. On my golf cart, we can hang two guys off the back and lift the entire front end. With the Gem, the pivot point is completely different. The Gems rear end is a swing arm so the pivot point is ahead of the rear axle. Unlike the golf cart where it pivots at the axle. I may at some point try to see how much actual weight loss there is on the front end with adults on the rear seat.

Thank you for your comments and concern for the safety of our family.

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Great job. Would like to see pictures of attachment points. I think I would like to copy what you have done. Where did you get the seat components.


Glad to hear you are going to stop beating a dead horse. The installation is on par with 1000s of installations on many brands of Golf Carts. It’s very well done and I intend to copy it for my 99. **** happens, some times because of carelessness and most times because of “bad luck”. We can spend our life in bed, or we can have fun. I chose the latter.

There will always be instances of unfortunate mishaps but the facts are that most of us that apply common sense to our activities won’t experience them.

The sky is NOT falling.

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Unfortunate. However: this appears to be a case of a young person being young and suffering the consequences. (My multiple instances of stupidity were motorcycle inflicted).

Agree that it is beyond stupid not to be insured in today’s environment. In our area we are allowed to travel the city limits untagged. My insurance is only $64 per year.

We will pray for Alexis.

Old Houseboater. Thanks for getting this post back on track on what this post is really about. I will get some pictures posted on how I attached the seat in a few days.

I purchased a Madjax rear flip golf cart seat for a Club Car Precedent from tntgolfparts.com. I had the same seat on my previous golf cart and really like it. My Gem is a 2014 which may be designed different than your Gem, but the concept should be similar.

Who do you have your Gem insured thru? I’m having a heck of a time finding someone to insure it.

Insured as a golf cart. Our town is Golf Cart friendly. We dont neeg tags. $64 for year full coverage. Bender Agency in Tavares Florida.

Seat belts added.

With leftover steel from fabricating the mounts for the rear seat, I decided to add a front bumper. Just felt the protection was needed so I don’t accidently crack the front cowling.

Old Houseboater asked to see my build, so here are a few pictures.

This is the lower support bracket to support the rear of the seat. Everything is hidden under the rear spat and only the bottom portion extends out from under the spat.

Here the lower support bracket is attached to the vehicle. Its hard to see, but there is a support rod that connects to prevent to much spring in the support. It really made the support very rigid.

Rear view

Here the rear spat is attached covering most of the support framing.

Now for the upper frame support. This is attached in the same way that the rear trunkback attaches, utilizing the upper latch so that the seat is easily removable. It is shown welded to the rear seat frame.

Shown attached to the vehicle.

Latch with the safety strap.

The rear seat frame is attached to the upper support and to the lower support. Now, build the rest of the seat.


Removing the entire seat is a matter of removing 2 bolts on the rear support frame and release the latch. Lift off and you’re done.

I have a lot of pictures of the complete build if you need to see in more detail.


Thanks for sharing.

It looks great. I wish I had the talent or the patience. What’s the white stuff on the ground. :-). Barry, Chico, Ca

The white stuff is called snow. Yes SNOW is a 4 letter word. We had our share of it this year. If you’re ever in need, I’d be happy to send all of ours to you.

Hello … I just picked up a 2 seater Gem Car and I’d like to add a flip flop rear seat like you did, but I can’t seem to see any pictures. Any way you can send me them or offer any advice? Did you have a kit or just engineer it yourself?

Thanks for any help!


Hi, I would like to see the pics as well if they could be posted.


Here are all the pictures I have. I delete quite a few of them from the

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Here is a pic of our 2001 E2 with its newly added rear flip seat. I changed the “floating” rear fender to a stationary mount and had to fabricate some mounts to accommodate the seat above the fender. Still need to add seat belts and additional rear lighting because stock rear lights are obscured when seta is occupied.