Rear facing Gem seat

I have seen multiple pictures of gems on the internet with rear facing jump seats . Does anyone sell these ? @Old_Houseboater use to make them but I don’t think does anymore . Most of the regular golf carts in this town have them and a few Gem owners have asked me to find them one .

Dont make them anymore since we bought a 4 seater

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I spoke to a local cart dealer and he told me the name of like 4 people that make them for Carts NOT gems but I’m sure you could modify a cart one for your gem. The cool ones like the one in my photo convert to a truck bed, you can see the seat base flops over to give you a cushioned seat base.

I do some looking around to see if I can find the name of the company’s he gave me.

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I’ve considered adding rear facing seats like that to my E6S. Would be straightforward to bolt that to the bed on the back. We wanted a 6 seater because we’re a family of 4 and my parents are local so it’s nice to ride around town with them. Most of our friends also have families of 4 so bumping it up to an 8 seater would be useful.

someone needs to take the easily available rear seats and modify them to fit a Gem . They would sell a lot of them .

Rodney how did you attach it ?

There are factory bolt holes in the back panel. I will post up a picture shortly.

Ive seen that innovation makes them also on their custom gems

Mine is MODZ by Don’t know if they are still in business. Their Domain is for sale. It was modified in 2002 by original owner. I love the extra seats. Just had to add seatbelts.

These area available for Cub carts on Amazon for under $300 but I don’t think they use diamond plate as they mention plastic… wonder if one of those can be adapted.

Also wonder, with Lithiums under the seat and not much in front, if putting a couple of people so far back will affect traction and steering?

@MrWonderful just noted the URL you list has a typo.

Has them

They don’t have these for Gems . Its hard to believe no one makes it .

it doesn’t look like too difficult a fab job, using straight pieces of aluminum or steel vs. the bent pieces. I wonder if one could be adapted to a GEM? However easy to understand why someone wouldn’t tool up for a 20+ year old vehicle, but the newer GEMS? Maybe as they cost so much new, not a lot of interest in modifying the new ones?