Rear Facing Gem Seat? (w/photo)

So there is a Gem Car for sale near me that has a very professionally looking made rear facing Gem seat. I have not seen it in person yet as it is buried in his garage. He sent a blurry pic. I have never seen anything like it. I am hopefully gonna get a good look at this car tomorrow. Ever see one? Did Gem or Trans2 offer this as an option?

have you googled rear facing golf cart seat?


I always use my friend the search bar first. :eyebrows:
As I stated, “I have never seen anything like it”.
A rear facing seat on a golf cart, yes, but a Gem Car, never.
Did I miss a Gem seat in the link you provided?

I didn’t read it… have seen the rear seats on cars turned out by innovation motorsports… not sure where the got them… can ask… there was a company in AZ who made them but haven’t seen them lately… maybe they are using seats from another cart… if you can look at the seat in the photo you might find a company name


this is exactly what I would like to do with mine.

Think you might have to put some spacers on the shock springs to keep the rear spat from hitting the rear cover.

this might work

Flip Flop Uility Seats For Golf carts

Ez Go Flip Flop Seat kit for a 1994.5 and later EZ GO golf cart. This quality tan golf cart seat comes with a black powder coated steel frame and uses black composite plastic for the deck. Includes H/W kit

Ez Go seat kit is a rear-facing bench seat with a bottom that flips over to change into a utility/flatbed vehicle. Our 100% guaranteed kit includes the foot rest and all other parts needed. The flatbed measures about 32"long x about 42" wide and comes with easy / clear installation instructions.

or this


nice but probably not legal when on public roads Fl will not even when licence plates etc just like a car. off road is ok but be careful.

has seat belts on the back seats… no plates because it’s a brand new build by… you can have this and many others for a song… tell them I sent you
see their cars on eBay

So I had time to go check out the elusive factory option Gem rear facing seat. The entire 1999 Gem is for sale no paperwork. It needs a full set of batteries for sure and who knows what else since it doesn’t move. His kids drove it around for fun, another negative. The right front fender is broken. I imagine it has the Schott charger, big negative there. Every bolt that holds the side panels to the rear panel were missing. The shock cover was missing. It showed signs of UV damage to all plastics. I really went to look at it to either buy it really cheap (I offered $800), or to buy just the seat. He wasn’t real eager to do that. He is asking $1500 for it and claims a guy said he would give him $1700 if he held it to today. If he can sell it for $1700, more power to him. I let him know if he could find a way to sell me just the seat that I would give him $200 for it. It was nice but I think it would only be good for kids or small adults as it snaps on like the rear storage box does. I would think the capacity is maybe 200 lbs. Well here are a few pics of it.

Looks to be from Florida

Early dash

All white

Factory rear facing rear seat

Mounts like the storage box

Underside pic

maybe you’ll get the seat call back… think your offer was fair… I ran the 800# and furniture construction electric cars thru Google and didn’t find anything… again I really remember a company who was selling a rear seat but don’t find them in a search either… thought they were in AZ… you might call Nev Accessories at 480-753-0684… they might know more


The name on the sticker was “Treasure Coast Electric Cars” Tele = 800-275-6307
Doesn’t look like they Gems anymore.

Here’s the info - Treasure Coast Electric Cars - Company Info | Merchantbook

Treasure Coast Electric Cars
406 SW Sundance Trl
Port St Lucie
on Google street it looks like a residential area more than a business… probably some one working out their home… we could call Rush Limbaugh he could drive over for us… just kidding… I don’t know anyone who lives there


Just a quick followup. The guy who claimed he would pay $1700 did show up and paid $1600 for it due to bad charger (he works on them apparently) and says the batteries were all good. I tested them at 6 volts each, some were missing caps, who knows what they used to top them off, or if they ever did. They were also 4+ years old. I doubt they were much good if at all. The guy also claimed that he had another rear seat like this one and he has turned down $600 for it. For that much he can have it.

keep looking… I keep looking for an eS cargo box on government auctions… am sure there is one or two out there… I ran across this auction… 2 '02 e GEMS on page 8 listed industrial… they are on Long Island… may have been under water but are cheap with about 5 days left…
Copart Search Results


Wow! :eek: Those two Gems have seen better days thats for sure. At the current price, and if you lived nearby, they are good for parts I suppose.

government seems to beat the cars to death… then tear them apart… guess they get fustrated or think they can fix or keep them going… never seen a clean unit…


[QUOTE=eS GEM Colo;13210]government seems to beat the cars to death… then tear them apart… guess they get fustrated or think they can fix or keep them going… never seen a clean unit…


I got a 1999 Gem e825 from a govt auction. It was beat to hell and of course DOA. It had some mods to it electrically but still needed 6 new batteries. I replaced them all and hoped it would run. It did and it runs great. I got lucky it wasn’t fried internally. Had a buddy repaint the fenders, recovered the seat, and now she is a pretty good ride. More speed is what I am working on next.

siafu…talk to Marlon about motors he has some sweet deals … lots of help


[QUOTE=eS GEM Colo;13212]siafu…talk to Marlon about motors he has some sweet deals … lots of help


I will soon. Thanks!