I am very glad to have found this forum and look forward to reading through the many informative posts.

After having a gas Club Car, I just purchased a 2002 GEM e825. As I am new to the GEM cars, I realize I have lots to learn to keep it operating. I have found that resources such as these forums are invaluable.

One of the first projects will be to add rear facing seats to the cart. So I am very interested in how some have done so.

Rob in PA


I’ve seen a picture of one 2 seater with a rear facing seat 2 or 3 years a go. I would like to see how its done also. Hopefully someone will come forward.


Rear seat pictures from my old gem.

Did you have something more than the door lock holding it topside?

Yes, there were two bolts added at the same lever as the latch, as I recall.

The reason I took the picture was to show the weld inside the red box.
Everything is supported by the horizontal tube. There is no gusset up to the rear frame. Nor do the added support bolts hold the back of the seat.

Entire seat is cantilevered on the horizontal tube.

As I look at it now, I can’t believe it.:eek:

M so much happy being a part of u… :slight_smile: