2018 e4 Rear Bench Seat Install

I haven’t seen a lot of posts about rear bench seats so I wanted share some pictures. I’m sure there’s a better solution, but this is how I did mine about a year ago.

Seat used:
Part Number: G1-4000-CDN+G1-4507

Additional Hardware:
(1) Ten foot piece of Unistrut
(4) Longer stainless steel bolts/washers to secure the seat onto the mounting posts
(4) XL fender washers placed between the mounting posts and Unistrut
(1) Six foot piece of stainless steel square tubing
(4) Sets of stainless steel nuts and bolts for mounting the square tubing
(2) Aluminum plates. I had these left over after I upgraded to lithium.

• Drill with various metal drill bits
• Sawzall
• Light duty vise
• Tape measure

General Notes:

  1. I don’t think the unistrut frame is necessary, but I wanted my seat to be a few inches away from the fiberglass cover.
  2. The seat comes with instructions, but I fabricated a few things to increase the structural rigidity
  3. Stainless steel hardware was used wherever possible
  4. I need to sweep out my garage

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Hey thanks for the detailed post and photos.
Question how is the flex in the feet support piece. First off Modz flip 4 is a great rear seat for the Gem. I have installed 2 of them on the latest gems (new body) the last one I did had a factory rear bumper. It gave support to the leg piece. But with so much of the rear seat hanging out, just wondered how much it flexes it someone was to stand on the rear step and bounce as people tend to do when they get on or off.

I have it on mine. The foot support is solid and doesn’t flex too much. I thought it was going to require more support but it worked well as is.

There is hardly any flex. I added metal support pieces though.

Thanks for sharing. Your install looks great. Here are a few pics of mine. I had a machine shop weld a piece of aluminum directly to the rear seat frame (see pics). Then I drilled holes in the aluminum in order to bolt it to the seat to the existing frame holes.

Thanks! Your install looks great as well.

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