2016+ Rear Seat Kit

Hey with some help from a member here. I bought a Rear Seat Kit from Golf Kart Kings.

They don’t make a kit for a 2016 Gem. But you can take a off the shelf kit and make it work for your gem.

First step is to put the seat together. So you can see how it fits.

Then I took the plastic bed section off so I could see from the top what brackets needed to be made.

I Went to Lowe’s and got some 2 inch flat bar.
The bars need to be cut to 41-1/2 long.
Then I simply placed the flat bar on top of the rear seat and drilled holes threw the flat bar to line up with the factory trunk mounts and into the rear seat and that’s it.

Here is what I ordered From www.golfcartkings.com

G1-4000-TXT (rear seat black) $289
G1-4500_2 (seat belts 2) $50


This VERY interesting!!!

If you could show a picture where you put the bracket and how it’s attached to the frame would be so helpful.

Wondering if that can be done in pre 2016 ones

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The 2015 and older Gem E4 has a weight limit on the rear attachment points. It would require a different engineered type of mounting. Also seat belts would present another issue. Acquiring an E6 is a better idea over the 2015 E4.and older

E4 Vs E6 I guess it’s about how often you drive 6 people. I had a E6 & it was just So so long & cumbersome I would never wanna have one for how we roll. I would take A E4 with a well constructed rear seat All day long and twice on Sunday.

on the 2015 and earlier what you want to do is remove the vertical back seat cushion . There are 2 heavy duty vertical aluminum frame rails . bolt through those to the new jump seat . You could lift the entire Gem from those frame rails .


I agree. It would not take much to make one of these work on a classic gem.

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I did a Rear seat kit on this E6 same Rear Seat Modz Flip 4 that I posted part numbers to in the top of this thread

Once again the rear seat worked out great.