2010 truck charging

Issues with truck right off the bat.:frowning:

I guess I know why it was priced the way it was.

Will the parking brake switch prevent charging?

I’m going to look for the switch and the charger. If there is one.:rolleyes:

If the batteries are dead the charger won’t pick up/ You will have to fluff each one up a little bit with an off board charger.

Need wiring diagram. I believe DQ is not seeing batteries.

I’m surprised you don’t have me on ignore. :D:eek:

Wires look too small for charger. Yet it’s a pair.
One set is not connected. ??:confused:

What Rodney us talking about is that the Charger will not kick on unless it sees 60 or so volts I don’t know the exact minimum voltage but let’s say 11 volts in each battery.
Do like what Rodney is saying charge each battery independent until you get 12 + volts. Then try seeing if your DQ will then start up. I think if the key is On that will not let the charger kick on as well.

Batteries are >12v each. >72 total.

I have six chargers on now anyway. 2A auto-charge.

I’m going to check now. But I believe Bsoc meter on dash comes from Delta-Q, because I have the T4 controller disconnected for programming.

That means I only have one problem. Delta-Q

Dealer is responsive, but I did buy as-is.
He knows nothing about Gem. Only one they’ve had.
Story is; they sent it out for new batteries and never plugged it in.