2009 E2 main contactor not pulling in

Sorry I’m new to this forum and have look around and could not get my issue fix.

I have a 2009 E2 that the main contactor will not pull in. I have replace the batteries with flooded batteries and when I switch the main and turn key on dash will light up and does not have any faults. But the main contactor will not pull in.

I have went through all the check stuff that the manual has in it and nothing showed to be wrong. I’m leaning toward the controller and seen where they have someone on this forum that rebuilds the GE controller?

I would like to confirm that the controller is my issue before sending to have it redone. Any suggesting of what I can do or check before I pull the controller and also who to send it to after I pull the controller?


A quick look in the archives might provide the solution to your problem. This was found in the future section (just kidding, it was a typo). This thread was started back in Oct 2017 and has been bumped back to the top a few times. Many of these great solutions can be searched out using the Search tool found in the upper right of your window.

After you get your car back rolling, I also suggest searching out how to check you charger profile since you just switched your pack to flooded. The wrong charging profile could harm your new batteries. Here is one- (there are many)

As always- report back your findings and solution. I hope this helps.

If it does turn out to be your controller you might consider a AC conversion!! Like getting a brand new car!!

You might consider replacing the main contractor, these cars are getting old and I have had to replace the contractor on about five cars so far.

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Thanks Mike this is not my cart. I’m working on it for a friend. I’m not getting the ground to the contactor to pull it in. I unhook the wires to the contactor and ran test wires to it and it pulls in fine. I ready that comes from pin 17 on the controller. I have check the foot switch and it test good, new batteries.

Like I said these things are getting old, could very well be the controller if you are getting the put in voltages.