2007 GEM e4 questions

I just purchased a 2007 GEM e4. Batteries were replaced 2/12. They appear to be the gel type. I will leave this vehicle at a vacation home and will come back every 1-2 months. Should I leave the car plugged in while I am away…I am assuming that I should. Does the onboard charger have a trickle feature? It appears that the charger is made by Sure Power Industries…model 71030i…
I have tried to post a pic of the batteries and charger but have been unable.
The batteries have caps that fit flush with some type of glue or adhesive that that holds them in place…is that common with a gel battery…
Thanks for any info

That’s a Sure Power dc-dc converter (72v-12v) not a charger.

The Delta Q charger is probably mounted under the shelf when you open the hood. Its yellow in color.

Check with your dealer to see if it has the maintainer feature.

It is a Delta Q…I bought it from an individual and he knows nothing about the vehicle. It was used on a Navy base and he bought it from the base. So if I leave it plugged in…would that be ok? Thanks

Most Delta Q’s have to be disconnected and reconnected before they will start another charge cycle. (no timer or trickle charge) Get the model and serial # and have your dealer check to see if your charger has the maintainer feature.

You have a few options if it doesn’t.

A couple of timers to turn on the charger every 2 weeks. (previously posted)

Have a neighbor plug it in for a day every 2 weeks.

Fully charge the batteries - turn off the cart main switch and leave it in a cool place. 30 days is usually the max time for this but you can probably get away with no more than 6 weeks.

Thank you
I will check

What make, model, and size batteries do you have? You can post pictures after 5 posts.

The batteries have a date of 2/12 on them…they are silver grey color…appear to be the gel type…I will post a pic after the next post

I have done an Internet search and have only been able to find a 7 day timer…any ideas on where to find one?


I have tried to post the pics but cannot get them to upload…can you send me a private message and I can email them to you,thanks David