2005 Gem E4 may have been modified causing charging problems


Where my on board Delta charger should be, it appears now to have a Sure Power Model 71030i device which is about 4X7" which shows on the Sure Power site as a converter. I am having charging problems and/or possibly bad batteries but can’t locate led lights associated with the Delta charger to narrow down the issue. On the dash, the info display shows 4 green bars and no amount of charging seems to change it. First of all, I acknowledge that I may be totally ignorant regarding this but, if not, has anyone had any similar experiences? The cart will run but at a much slower rate than normal.


Your Delta Q Charger is located on the Underside of where your SurePower DC to DC converter is its hidden. Follow the 110 plug from your hood to the charger.
When your cars plugged in you should see the charge indicator lights showing you the status of the Charger. This window can be seen if you bend down and look threw the drives side front wheel.


Is your low/drive switch in drive mode


It is. But in discussion but another Gem owner that my car is showing an error code 15 which just occurred recently indicating that the individual batteries may need to be charged individually?


I have looked and searched every square inch of the under hood area and can’t locate a Delta Q charger anywhere underneath the hood area or under the shelf where the Sure Power converter sits. I followed the plug in cost into the dash area underneath the grey dash drink compartment area and found it connected to a black box but doesn’t look anything like a Delta Q charger - i.e. it doesn’t have any fins, yellow areas or led lights.


This sounds like it’s getting interesting normally the DC converter sit side-by-side with the gray GE controller and the Delta q
Would be directly underneath those two but if you’re following the charger wire to up under the dash then that means you probably have your charger under the dash how about taking the gray drink holder out and discovering what’s underneath there for us all

I’m thinking someone took out your stock charger and put in a aftermarket charger this is a total guess But I’m going to say you probably have a ride for fun charger

Under the dash