2001 Gem Car -11 error code

I am having issues with my 2001 Gem Car throwing a -11 error code on an intermittent basis. It generally happens after turning the car on releasing the parking brake and then hitting the throttle pedal. If I pump the pedal a few times the Gem will start to roll. I have also gotten the 11 error while moving down the road again pump the pedal a few times and it clears the error and the cart accelerates again. I have made sure that the mat is not interfering with the pedal. Any suggestions on what to look for inside the pedal? Or should I be looking somewhere else

If your pumping the accelerator pedal to clear the error then it is probably the micro switch inside it. Either clean the connections if there’s excessive corrosion or replace entirely if it is not clicking when pressing the lever and completing circuit. It’s only a few bucks and even Fry’s electronics sells them.

Thank you. I will try a good cleaning first.

I’ve got a 2002 which was doing that and drove me crazy. I replaced the throttle pedal switch and it didn’t change anything. What I found was the problem is the power wires going to the 12V converter(found on the far right side of the dash)is loose or making a bad connection.

I could sit with the brake on and a little throttle, then bang on the area by the solenoid and it’s trip -11.

I then did it again and this time started touching different wires on the converter and it was the last 2(far right) which are the 72V input to the converter.


The -11 code can be thrown via a bad Ignition switch check out the thread called “Pesky code -11”


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