Code -11 help Daniel or anyone else

Hi guys,
I recently replaced the accelerator pedal on the 2001 gem car we have at home. It is 5k pot welding switch. We have another gem car we keep at our camp ground which is a 2000 model. The bottom of the pedal assembly has rusted out around the the screw holes. Most of the time it still works fine. Sometimes it will just keep flashing code -11 until I pick the pedal up and turn it upside down, then it resumes normal operation. Does anyone know what actually happens to send the -11 code? Is there a switch or sensor that I’m not seeing?


There’s a geared “pot” in the foot pedal plus a micro switch. I was getting a lot of -11 errors and finally took the foot pedal apart to clean. Push both of the pins in and the top half pops off. Once opened up I removed the connectors on the micro switch and cleaned up the contacts and put some electrical cleaner on the wire connectors to minimize electrical resistance. The pot was soldered in so I didn’t clean it up. Dumped out all the accumulated dirt and crud and reassembled everything and my -11 errors went away.

I believe the micro switch is the device that gets sensed to determine if the pedal is depressed when power is first engaged and that’s what throws the error code.


Thank you! I will try that!

There’s a “start switch” which must operate when the pedal is fully released. It’s a simple on/off micro switch so it should be obvious what’s wrong if you take it apart. I suggest rebuilding or replacing the bad pedal assembly on your 2000 model.

All of the parts for the 2004 and prior throttle are available from Linemaster Switch Company. The GEM throttle is actually an electric welder foot control. Part numbers can be found here:

The parts, or a whole assembly can be purchased direct from Linemaster. Much less expensive than the dealer.