1998 Ford Ranger EV

1998 Ford Ranger EV with under 34k original miles.

Originally a lead acid truck. Needs new batteries (old one’s are still there), I would recommend doing a lithium swap, but you could get it running again with lead acid too… Al egedly ran/drove 3 years ago according to the previous owner.

It’s powered by a 67kW siemens 3 phase motor, mounted in the rear. The battery pack spans almost the entire wheelbase of the truck between the frame rails. This is the earlier model that had the mono-leaf fiber composite leaf springs and watts linkage attached to the de-dion rear end. It is also equipped with A/C, power steering, power brakes, etc.

Truck is in mostly good shape except for a little bit of damage to the passenger fender and door, and a few other scratches. Tires are old and dry rotted (one is blown out, and has a donut spare).

I have two of these trucks, and I was originally going use this one for parts, but it’s in good enough shape that I can’t bring myself to tear it apart… And as much as I’d like to keep it, I don’t need two of them.

I might be willing to work with a buyer to get the truck running at additional cost. Get in touch with me if that’s something you’d be interested in!

In as-is condition my price is $2,000. I might even be able to throw in some spare parts too!
The truck is located in San Marcos California (North San Diego)
For any questions, or for more pictures, etc. You can call or text me at 541-254-1618

This Vehicle is SOLD!!!