98 Ford Ranger EV Battery Testing

Hi guys! Newbie here :slight_smile:

Im supposed to help out in a project at college concerning a 1998 FORD RANGER EV with lead acid batteries.
The car has been sitting for a few years I think. We want to get it started, we dont have a charger for it yet. Iā€™m thinking the batteries are most likely dead.

Does anyone know a way to test these batteries? (no charger yet)

Thanks in advance. - Mike

Try Charging them individually then Load test them individually, You can buy a load tester from Harbour Freight fairly cheap it will tell you how they hold up under a load of up to 500 amps for up to 15 seconds, that will give you a good indication on the status of your batteries. Remember check the electrolite first before charging them, You can use a cheap charger 12 volt 10 amp but you will have to charge them for up to 24 hours each for a full charge. If they have been frozen they are junk.