What EV is Better to buy 97 S10 EV from GM or 99 Ranger EV from Ford

I have the opportunity to buy a 97 s10 for 7500.00 with 29,000 miles. All new batteries only gets 30 miles to a charge.

Also found a 1999 ford ranger ev with 35,000 miles also gets 35 to 40 miles on a charge with newer batteries.

Both trucks have new tires and brakes and dont need any major attention to detail.

What truck is a better buy, any problems that may arise with these trucks?

Right now i have a 12mpg jeep so anything is better than that.

whats my electric bill going to go up with having to plug this thing in everyday.

any ideas would be greatfull

Your bill would only go up by a few dollars each month depending on how often you charge. I believe moderate charging would cost around $3/month. As for trucks, I have no idea, sorry. Good luck!!

My EV (924 Porsche) drives for about 2 1/2 cents per mile with a power co. rate of 8 1/2 cents per kwh. No matter how good the Ranger looks on top, crawl underneath and look at the frame. I am converting a '97 and the rear spring perches had rusted away and had to be replaced.

Do you need a Truck?

Why you do not go with a lighter vehicle so your bill is going to be smaller…