2001 S10 Electric Conversion

I built a 2001 Chevy S10 Extended cab pickup to drive back and forth to work but by the time I got it done, I moved and now I have a 80 mile drive to work. Since finished I have drove it probably 300-400 miles and it works great but I drive too far now. This is a totally electric truck that runs on 12-12volt batteries (144 volt system), it has an onboard charger, so you just plug it in and when it’s charged you can go. The charger works on regular 120volt plugs or can also be plugged into 220volts to charge faster. I has a range of about 30 miles, but has room to install 12 more batteries which would double it’s range. Top speed is over 70 mph, but the faster you go the less range you have.

I used the following:
1 FB1-4001A Advanced DC Motor with dual shaft ( 72V - 144V ) 18HP - 30HP
1 1231C-8601 Curtis Controller 96V - 144V 500 Amp Limit
1 Aluminum Plate/ heat sink compound/ 12V fan
1 PB-6 Curtis Potbox
2 Albright Contactor SW-200 (12V coil)

1 Quick Charge Charger Programmable SCPX14420 20Amps 144VDC input 120 or 230VAC
30 amp 144 volt to 12 volt DC to DC Converter

12 DEKA Deep Cycle Batteries

5 speed manual transmission NV1500
Direct drive adapter clutch eliminator
12 volt vacuum pump for power brakes

Simpson amp and volt gauges
Air shocks

I checked the power consumption: I charged the batteries, then drove
20 miles then recharged the batteries while monitoring how much
electricity it took. It took 8.2 KWH or 66 cents. By comparison if I’d have bought 66 cents worth of gas and went 20 miles that would be over 120 MPG.

I got about $15K and a LOT of work in this truck but would take $12,000 or a reasonable offer for it.
The truck is located in Mid-Michigan.
Here’s some build pictures.
Thanks for looking, Tom

hope you sell it soon

I still have this truck, don’t drive it much now and its for sale if anyone is interested, Price is definitely negotiable