2000 S10 in Topeka

would like to show you our delivery truck we built.
it has a warp 9 motor,soliton 1 contoller,reap bms,brusa charge and hi power batteries. 48 - 200 amphr cells
we tested last friday and was able to go 95.4 miles on a single charge. the mph range was 0-50 mph in somewhat hilly terrain.
the truck has a working 5 speed manuel trans.
kevin constant

What would you have to increase the battery and or motor package to drive highway speeds? Any thought to a range extender?

thanks for the question,
as far as hiway speeds, our truck will cruise at 80 mph in 4 gear at 225 amps. we are waiting for the correct oppurtunity to go to a seculded spot early in the morning and see how fast it will actually go. we still have 5 gear to use.
just yesterday we loaded 600 pounds of motors in the back and made deliveries, round trip was 40 miles, speed limit was 55mph, no problem.we are updating our web site to include all of the new pics for the update.
thanks kevin