1965 mustang conversion

Hi everybody,I have been readig up on this for about a year now.I sold my corvette just to do this project.I bought a 1965 mustang coupe with a three speed manual trans.This is my plan.Keep the trans & clutch for upshifting for accelration,install 13 ,12volt (156 volt system)(100 ah flooded deep cycle batterys and 1 for the accesorys) a Netgain Warp 9 double shaft motor and add an alternator to the front shaft to charge the acc battery for the ac,radio,lights,etc. I will put 8 in the rear and 6 in the in the front.My round trip to work is 30 miles ,mostly freeway at 70 mph.Fairly flat .I am looking at the Kelly motor controller (144-156 volts)Looking at about 3,000 lbs gvw
Any Thougts or help?