1965 mustang conversion

Hi everyone,I 'm new here but I have been investigating EV’s for about a year.
I just bought a 1965 mustang just to convert to an EV. It is a 3 speed standard,and is in exelent shape,I am planing to use a Warp 9 motor,144 volt
DC system,controler? The GVW is 2600,I want to get about a 40 mile range
at 65-70 mph,slight inclines on entrance ramps,so will have to have some power to go with the flow.I have no problem leaving the clutch intacked for
downshifting etc.It has no power brakes or stearing,but I do want add A.C.
Any thoughts?

It’s doable depending on the system you spec out and how much you want to spend on the conversion. I grab a few books to read and get your knowledge up, then plan out a system and list the components you plan to use, batteries (type, size, etc) and then it would be easier for people to give you some feedback if your goals are realistic.