Converting my car

so i’m working on converting my car to all electric (otherwise i’d be on the wrong forum). i’m planning on installing at least a 90 kw ac motor. what i’m wondering is how many 12v batteries would i need to run this motor. i guess i lied a little; i will probably add a small lawn mower engine to recharge the batteries a little while i drive. and yes i realiza the ac motor acts as a generator when i’m braking. any help is appreciated! thanks!

what kind of car?

actually i’m probably going to convert my 1977 toyota celica along with my bronco xlt…i realize i’ll need a morepowerful motor for the bronco, but withought an engine my celica weighs less than 2000 pounds

is the celica a standard or automatic?

its a manual transmission…just curious, why does that matter?

I think the automatic transmition will give you some trouble.

I can help you with your question about the number of batteries, but I need to know what you motor is rated at (in volts). I think that 90,000 Watts is a little much. However if voltage is not a problem then you will need 30 12v batteries (but that is 360v)

actually i meant the power output is 90 kw, i’ll get back to you on the voltage requirements.

I have a 1995 Subaru Impreza L AWD 5spd that I want to convert. I’ve heard of and I don’t think my conversion would be quite so extensive (all though I’d still like to autocross it as I do now :smiley: … EVentually… when I could afford awesome batteries).

Has anybody else seen any awd subarus converted to electric ?
Would there be any special concerns ?