05 el battery problem

I just bought an 05 el. The batteries were dead, so I installed 6 new deka gels. Not sure if I wired them in correctly because the charger is giving me 4 red flashes and not charging the batteries. Does someone have a wiring diagram or could it be the charger?

4 flashes means you need a heavier a.c. cord.

Ok, charged up batteries individually, bought 15ft 12 gauge cord and plugged in… Still 4 flashes. Any other ideas?

Is it a Gem Delta-Q? What profile? (to see if it’s Gem)
Try a different (heavier) circuit, or plug in a different iec cord direct to charger. The cord from charger to front may be burned.

4 flashes is definitely ac voltage problem on a Gem DQ.
Meter voltage near charger. Do you have a kil-o-watt or such?

Bad charger, if you have good ac at input.

When I switched to Gel Batteries the tech said he had to adjust a switch on a controller under the dash.

The charger program (algorythm) has to be set to Gel. There is no switch, it has to be programmed. MAKE SURE THIS WAS DONE. If left on flooded it will eat your new batteries.

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How long does it take to reprogram?? It was…“Oh… I also reprogram the charger to accept the Gel batteries.” It took him the same amount of time to reprogram as it did to flip a switch… I didn’t see the procedure but it was literally that quick…

Thank you very much. It was the circuit in my garage. Went to an outlet in back yard and it works fine.