02 e825 charger died

Anyone have a spare charger for my gem car it finally kick the bucket.

What are the symptoms?
I may have a spare dq.
What batteries ?

BDI doesn’t show any color indications the charger fan does not turn on and batteries are not very great… auto craft marine gel batteries. Came with the gem car.

What do you think about my situation?

I’m more of a DQ guy.
I’ll invite Rodney.

What’s a dq? Is it a conversation of some sort?

DeltaQ brand charger.
You mentioned a fan, so I assumed you had another type.


Not enough information.

If batteries are below minimum voltage the charger wont start. Charge each one with a dumb car charger and then try again.

Figure on a set of batteries sooner rather than later. make sure charger is set to the right algorithm for the batteries installed in the cart.


I have a zivan ng1 charger. The indicator think the batteries have 50% they are gel batteries and I selected gel charge cycle. It has been working until just the other day and when I plug it in the indicator light does not turn on.