Zivan NG1 nomenclature

I’ve got the charger back from El Con after the update and it’s running great. It’s operating just as it should and the batteries are up to 100%.

My next project is to build a solar charging station using a Midnite 200 charge controller. I want to set up the Bulk, Absorb and Equalize voltages to mimic the Zivan. The Midnite will operate just like the Zivan from the standpoint of stepping through the various charge stages, then shut off to prevent overcharging.

My problem is correlating the nomenclature on the Zivan to Bulk, Absorb Float and Equalize. I can guess what they are but if anyone can straighten me out I’d appreciate it, the manual isn’t much help to me. Here’s what I have.

U1 - 85.3 (I think this is ripple <1%)
I2 - 4.5A
I3 - 3.0A

U1a 86.4 (Absorb?)
U1t 85.3 (Float?)
U4 97.2 (Equalize?)

Am I close on any of this?:confused:

Thanks for your time.


I suggest that you contact the maker of the solar charger controller and tell them what type and size of batteries you are using. They should be able to provide you with a charging profile. Also, provide an interlock so that only one charger can operate at a time.