Zivan charger

I think my Zivan charger is not working properly. Car runs fine but getting the red flashing light and audible tone when I plug it in to recharge.
1- can I fix it myself?
2- who should I send it to to get repaired? Ride 4 fun, OC monster carts, or Zivan in California El Con, or any other ideas?
Thanks for your suggestions

Not sure what year car you have but if it is pre-2005 maybe this will help… http://www.electricforum.com/cars/neighborhood-vehicles/2507-zivan-ng1-charger-error-codes.html

Thank you, I have the manual and know that the error code tells you to check battery polarity (which I did ). Still not working out. I have new Gel batteries and a new(rebuilt) motor controller but still getting this problem. I appreciate your help.

Does your Zivan charger have the rotary switch under the small sticker set to the appropriate letter for Gel batteries? Does each battery in the string have the correct voltage at-rest (> 12 volts)? Are all the batteries showing about the same voltage?

If one or more batteries are out of spec, try idividually charging all 6 with a decent 10-15 amp charger having a setting for Gel batteries. You may have a dead battery. When Gels or AGM batteries go - it’s sudden, not gradual.

who rebuilt your controller.

ok… i had the controller rebuilt again… -43 is gone, (thing still doesnt click like it did) and now that i have the new controller in i have -16… says HIGH voltage and to run the lights… have tried that…