Zivan Charger/Electric Conversions

I sent my Zivan NG1 charger to Electric Conversions to be upgraded to do multiple charging cycles and to do the reprogramming under the recall. They said it would take 3 weeks and they have had it for over 6 weeks now with no commitment to when they will actually get to it. Is there any other place I can send the charger for the upgrade?


Ross : electric conversions takes their sweet time for some reason. If you can’t wait pm me I have a Zivan that Electric Conversion rebuilt 2 months back it turns out I’m not gonna be using it so its up for grabs if you want it.

Flyte Systems Industrial Products will do Zivans.

Electric Conversions has now had my charger 14+ weeks (they told me it would take 3 weeks when I sent it in). Everytime I email them they say they will get to it next week, so I called them today. They are now saying it has a hornets or wasps nest in it and they are trying to figure out how to work on it without getting injured by the hornets.

The car had several mud or dirt daubbers nests in the under dash area, so I am sure that is what it is. I described a dirt daubbers nest to him and he said that is what it looked like. I told him to just knock it off and fix the thing. He said the technician is out today but he would get with her on Monday to see if they were comfortable fixing it. If not, they are going to just return it to me.

Nice. After 14 weeks they finally fess up to being scared of a dirt daubers nest and may or may not upgrade my charger.

I think after 14 weeks the daubers might possibly be history. Some body might have an early start on the punch bowl.

It took another 2 weeks and an email demanding that they return my charger for Electric Conversions to finally ship my charger back. So now after 16+ weeks, my charger is being shipped back to me without being upgraded. I have had poor service by companies in the past, but Electric Conversions is truly remarkable in their level of poor service.

Seems like this is sort of normal for these people. I found (2) complaints on the BBB website : Consumer Complaints for Electric Conversions - BBB serving Northeast California

The info is below:
Complaint: This company (ELCON) is the sole US service center for a Zivan NG1 charger that is on-board of a GEM golf cart. This charger had been shipped to ELCON previously (three years ago) for service and it had a turn around of a couple days. Since it had stopped working in November 2013, the service center was called (November 11, 2013) for suggestions and someone named “" had advised to ship the charger to their CA shop for associated service. The charger was shipped on November 15, 2013 and USPS advises delivery of same on November 18, 2013. A few days later, ELCON was called for followup but nothing was satrted yet. After that, every couple of weeks later, ELCON was called for an update but, each time, the company had a different excuse why they haven’t started repair. Around Xmas, when contacting the company again, they were asking for additional details on the charger and the batteries in the golf cart - while all pertinent information had been taped to the shipped charger (indicating that the company never opened up the received package. On January 14, 2014, the company was contacted (again "”) and it was stated that sitting on the equipment without service for a couple of months was and that the charger should be shipped back to sender (to seek alternate service elsewhere). To date nothing was received and I hereby seek assistance from the BBB to contact ELCON (in Sacramento) and request that the charge be shipped back immediately… Thanks

Desired Settlement: Replace or return the NG1 charger to sender…

Business Response: In re to the above case, we have reviewed the complaint and the following is our response.

We did receive call from customer regarding charger not being operational. We advised customer to send his charger into us. However, Mr. ****** mistakenly sent the charger to our former address. After some contact from the customer we were unable to locate the item. We then contacted USPS to determine where they sent the package. Once location of delivery was determined, we dispatched someone to retrieve the package. This was done, but package was badly damaged. We then began an attempt to repair the charger. This was further complicated by the fact that the unit had a missing serial number on the main PC board, and identifying mark which was a factory ommission.

Due to these two specific issues that were beyond our control, we feel this case should be removed as we have now repaired the charger and have shipped said back to the customer.

Consumer Response:
Complaint: *******

I am rejecting this response because: The company is “misleading” the BBB with their response… Attached is the actual USPS label indicating that the charger was shipped to the same address used later by the BBB for this complaint… Also, on January 14, ELCON was requested that the charger be returned immediately - this complaint had asked the BBB to help expedite this request… As of today, February 10, there is no sign of the starter being returned by ELCON (repaired or unrepaired)…


Business Response: The charger was shipped on 2/7/14, received and signed for on 2/21/14. Charger is back in customer’s hands at this point, repaired at no charge. Please dismiss complaint.

I have heard of other complaints against Electric conversions taking too long on repairs. Have used them six times on different equipment and never had any issues with them myself.


Just talked to them. They do not install lithium profiles in Zivan chargers.