Zivan Charger 72 V, 10Amp Ouput 110 Volt Input or "Ride-4-Fun Supercharger"

My charger went out on my GEM 2001 with Gel Batteries.
Is the Ride-4-Fun Supercharger OK to use or should I go with a rebuilt Zivan Charger for the same price.
I don’t want to pay $1000 plus labor for a new Zivan charger since I don’t want to keep my cart forever.
Also I notice some Zivan chargers state they do not work with Gel (no water) Batteries? Is that true?

Ok First off I think the Delta Q is the best charger, but for your year car a Zivan is the factory charger that would give you a charge indicator light Red, Yellow, Green, (showing you that you have a full charge)
The Zivan would be more a plug and play (easy to install) charger so if your gonna be kicking the car down the road I would pick up a rebuilt Zivan and yes they have Zivans that have adjustable chemistry for gell batterys

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Thank you. Zivan for gel batteries sounds best.

The deltaQ has led light too, and 1/2 the money. None better.

I purchased a RFF charger a few years ago. Very easy to install and I like the digital read out for the state of charge. Had one problem with the lock out relay about a year after purchase but RFF and the manufacturer were great. Repaired at N/C. Also extremely easy to change the algorithm if you decide to switch batteries.

I have Zivan charger I no longer need. Its been reprogrammed by Ride 4 Fun for AGM batteries.

It’s like new.

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Thank you. I had the cart place put in a new charger unfortunately and paid dearly.


Thanks, unfortunately the cart maintenance replaced my charger with a new one at $1200